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We Have a Big Announcement!

We have big news and it’s just too big to keep it to ourselves! After over a year of exploring, researching and working – Fancy Tiger Crafts has become Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op! 

In many ways, this change will be seamless and virtually unnoticed by our community of makers, customers, vendors and friends. In terms of the operations of our brick and mortar store and our web store, we will still be the same reliable purveyor of beautiful and special things.

So why make this change? 

Well, after 15 years of ownership, Jaime and Amber wanted to create a business that was more focused on equity and inclusion. Simply put, with a worker-owned co-op, a group of employees can work together as owners and managers of the business which benefits everyone through a larger pool of viewpoints, ideas and lived experiences. While Jaime and Amber have stepped down as business owners, they will remain as advisors and members of the Co-op's Board of Directors. Our founding members of the Co-op, Christina, Pink, Marta and Negley, will hold meetings with the board and vote on decisions that will benefit the business, employees, customers and our community. 


A worker-owned co-operative is not something that customers or even employees can easily buy into. It is open exclusively to employees who work at least 1,000 hours and maintain a certain number of hours per month. Employees must buy into the co-op and in return will benefit from the profits of the business based on the amount of work they have put into the operations of the business throughout the year. This process allows all worker owners to have an equal share of the profits as well as an equal say in all business and community decisions. In other words, it allows Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op to provide equitable pay structures for its employees while growing the business at the same time. 

While Jaime and Amber will be close by and advising the team whenever needed, they will be stepping back and allowing their labor of love to evolve in new and exciting ways. They may not be present in the store everyday, but they have promised us they will still be making sweater samples for we are not letting them run off too far! 

Christina, Marta, Negley and Pink have all four put a lot of work into organizing this effort. They have all worked at the store for many, many years and are excited to think up new and exciting ways to create an even bigger and brighter community of makers at Fancy Tiger Crafts. While we have lots of ideas and thoughts about how to do that – right now we hope you will help us celebrate this new adventure! 

Rest assured, this will not be the only time you read about our transition. We plan to share our experience with you as we evolve behind the scenes and we plan to answer all of your burning questions we have not answered, in future communications. 

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and happy crafting! 

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  • Nov 16, 2021

    Congratulations! If you are indeed interested in focusing on inclusion, please think about adding larger sizes to your sewing patterns. I love your design esthetic and wish I could buy them!

    — Michelle Mondro

  • Nov 05, 2021

    What a great accomplishment!! Congratulations on your commitment to look to the future for this wonderful business. I wish you all great success.

    — Ruth Ross

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