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Fancy Tiger Crafts is Moving!

We have some news to share, and while we were initially a little distraught, we’re now pretty excited about it…

(our current space, right after we moved in back in 2012)

For years we've been a part of the South Broadway and Baker community in Denver, and you've supported us as we've shared our love of crafts with the city and the world… but times are changing and in our mission to bring you the best supplies, instruction, and inspiration we're looking for somewhere new

We know you’ve seen the state of our inventory lately. Unfortunately, as the economy has shifted in the past three years we have had to do our best to adapt, like many small businesses. Items have been increasingly hard for us to get or keep in stock due to supply shortages and pricing hikes. We’ve been slowly pivoting to a smaller variety of items that you truly want and that we can, quite honestly, afford.

We don’t often show this level of operating transparency, but the truth is this is big and it affects so many more small businesses than just us, so we think it’s important to share. Operating costs are up. Higher than they’ve ever been for us in the last 17 years. With rent and paying a living wage (plus benefits) taking 43% of our income, plus another 8% in loan payments in Co-op purchasing costs, we just cannot continue to operate at our current location. 

It is definitely bittersweet to think about leaving, but we are also so excited to take this moment to reimagine our future and hone in on what is really important to us and to our community in the next home of FTC!  

We’ve been looking at spaces all over Denver trying to find a space that will be a better fit for us as we evolve, reimagine, and grow. Our wish list is a little bit lofty, but we’re pretty confident that we’ll be able to find a place that is just right for us.

Rest assured that we’ve heard your calls for more diverse class offerings, so our first hope is to find somewhere with more classroom space, plumbing that’s better suited to offering dye classes, and an outdoor space for craft nights, workshops, and events. We’re hopeful that a new space will allow us to serve you, our craft community, a bit better while still providing the excellent selection of curated products you've all come to expect.

With all of this in mind, we also thought it might be fun to look back at Fancy Tiger Crafts’ first location- 1 S. Broadway, where Metropolis Coffee is now, as a reminder of how far we’ve come since opening our doors way back in 2006.

Look at all that roving! 
Our original fabric selection was so small compared to what we have now.

We hoped you've enjoyed this little "point and shoot" digital trip down memory lane as much as we did! 

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  • Mar 25, 2024

    I bartended (I should probably put that in quotes) your first opening in 2006. Later I took my first sewing class heavily pregnant in 2012 at your new location. Even later than that that very same baby took his first sewing classes with you. So sad to hear you’re moving and excited for your new adventure. Any word on the new address?

    — JLiz

  • Mar 25, 2024

    Wow I was driving there today. Covid hit many small business hard! We are seeing that now. I hope you land someplace fantastic. People will drive to you and there are mixed use spaces that could be great!

    — Karen Knight

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