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Eco Packaging - New at Fancy Tiger Crafts

new eco friendly packaging from fancy tiger craftsHere at Fancy Tiger Crafts, we think a lot about climate change. We are continually reassessing our footprint and the impact sourcing has on our planet. We’re pleased to announce that after much research, we‘ve overhauled the shipping supplies that carry your orders to you.

When you shop online with us, your goods will be packaged in the safest, most environmentally-friendly shipping supplies we could source. Check out the breakdown of supplies we use below, and if you shop with us in Denver, remember we’re bagless, so please bring your reusable shopping bag. In fact, over about five years of bagless retail, we’ve saved the environment and our customers over 100,000 shopping bags!

Boxes: Almost all sizes are FSC certified, 100% recyclable, made from 95% post-consumer content & made locally in Colorado. The rest are sustainably made from 100% recycled materials and made in the USA.

Shipping Bags: 40-90% post-consumer paper, printed with water-based ink, compostable & recyclable

Shipping Labels: Virgin paper but uses environment-friendly glue

Packing Paper: SFI certified, sustainably made in the USA, biodegradable, compostable & recyclable

Packing Tape: Renewable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, plant-derived (corn) adhesive & backing, made in the USA

Invoice Paper: FSC Certified, 100% recyclable with 100% post-consumer fiber

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