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Staff Me Made May Pledges

We couldn't be more excited that Me Made May is upon us once again! Me Made May is a month long wardrobe challenge that was started by Zoe of So, Zo What Do You Know? This May celebration is meant to help you improve your relationship with your handmade items and teach you what to make (and not make) in the future! 

While a month long challenge can sound intimating - it shouldn't be! What we love most about Me Made May is that YOU get to decide what pledge you want to make. There is no single "right" pledge to make because everyone is at different points in their crafting journey. Every challenge should be different so it aligns with everyone's own personal skills and handmade wardrobe and makes this challenge useful to them. 

If you're still stumped on what you want your Me Made May challenge to be, we're here to help! Our FTC staff decided to "craft" their own pledges so they can commit to celebrating this month long makers challenge. Have a look at what our FTC staff is hoping to achieve this month!

FTC Staff Pledges:


Anna stands in front of a brick wall. She is wearing a white sweater with a dyed pink bandana around her neck and holding a bouquet of tulips. "Last year was the very first time I participated in Me Made May, and I’m surprised how quickly we’re at it again! I must admit I made only a few more ‘me makes’, however I did purchase multiple fabrics for the ‘future’ sewing projects, which I never got started on. This year I pledge to wear the pieces I made, evaluate what supplies I already have, possibly make something new and to simply be inspired by my talented co-workers and Fancy Tiger Craft community, that are seasoned sewers, knitters & crocheters, as well as to celebrate mine & others ‘makes’."

Bethany  Bethany stands in front a white picket fence. She is wearing a blue knit top with embroidered flowers and wearing green pants.

"For this year’s Me Made May I want to focus on taking the time to document my handmade wardrobe- the final product and the process! I have a bad habit, especially when it comes to sewing, of bull dozing through a project and not recording any part of the process. 

There are already a number of garments that I already know I’m gonna regret not taking note of the modifications I made and the materials I used. So whether it’s posting a short reflection on my Instagram or creating a Ravelry project page (and there are a LOT I need to make retroactively), I’m hoping that this pledge will be the beginning of a more consistent crafting log that will not only be a helpful resource for future projects but will make me more appreciative of my me made makes!"

KimKim stands in front a tall white fence. She is wearing a pink sweater and a rust midi skirt.

"Last year was my first time participating in Me Made May, and I quickly realized that though I had made a good amount of garments, I only had a few items I was really excited to wear. A lot of my earlier makes were less about what I wanted to wear, and more about what I thought was easy for a “beginner” to make. And I don’t think I can call myself a beginner anymore! This year, I want to focus on nailing down my personal style, by looking at what I like or don’t like about items in my wardrobe, and by making more things that just make me excited about sewing AND wearing."

Janee  Janee sits in an arm chair around various knit knacks. She is wearing a colorful floral dress.

"This month I plan to wear at least one handmade item each day and try to document it frequently!"

Leaf Leaf stands in front of a white brick wall. They are wearing a purple long sleeve shirt and flowly violet pants.

"I am new to me made may but I’m here for it!I frequently wear clothing I make but always forget to snag a pic or document my process. For the month ahead I would like fill some gaps in my handmade wardrobe but mostly be better at displaying my work. Weather that’s on social media or just for myself :) I also pledge to wear something I’ve made everyday, maybe more full hand made fits. I’d love to say I can wear full outfits that I've made all month but come on, I’m new here! Let’s shoot for that next year, for now, I'll wear a me made item a day and maybe a full fit once a week.

I’ve been wanting to feel more connected to my work and to say I’ve made everything I’m wearing including undies. I think that’s an example of one of the gaps I’ll be filling. Basically, if I can have more full me made looks by the end of the month I’ll be happy (minus shoes…for now)." 

Pink Pink stands in her office. There is a variety of framed pictures hanging on a purple wall behind her. Pink is wearing a purple sundress and a black t-shirt under the dress.

"This year I'm dedicating myself to doing much needed maintenance on my past makes to revitalize my wardrobe. I have a pile of mending to do, but a few pieces need a more major overhaul - I'm pretty tough on my clothes! It's less fun than making new clothes, but I'm excited to have some pieces return to circulation after a long time!" 

Marta Marta is standing in front of a blue brick wall. She is wearing a long sleeve white wrap top and yellow top.

"Last year I pledged to wear only “me made” items for the entire month of May and also to document my outfits daily. What I found was that I definitely have a full workable wardrobe of only self made garments, but it got a little dull towards the end of the month as I was just repeating the same outfits over and over. 

This year I am pledging to wear at least one me made item a day for the whole month, and to document daily how I incorporate my self made garments with the rest of my (mostly second hand, thrifted, ethically produced) clothes. I’m hoping that this will point out some places that might be lacking in my wardrobe and inspire me to find new and exciting ways to combine pieces that I already have, as well as hone in on what I’d like to make this summer. I already know I’m lacking in dressier items, so sewing up some party dresses is definitely in my future.

I’m also embarrassed to admit that I still haven’t made myself a pair of Arthur pants. Even though they were a part of my pledge last May and I’ve had the pattern printed and ready for 2 years now- so this year, a pair of Arthur’s are my tippy top most priority- hold me to it!" 

Christina Christina stands in front of a brick wall. She is wearing a white sweater with green pants. "Last year was the first year I participated in MMM and I was surprised at how fun it was! I have been sewing lots of my clothes for a long time now, but find myself getting lazy and making the same patterns over and over. This year, I pledge to wear at least one me made piece every day of the month. And any new pieces I make, I pledge to "up my game" by making garments that are more interesting and complex."


Need more inspiration? Make sure you're following us on Instagram! All month long we'll be sharing our staff and community "me made" makes in our Instagram stories, so remember to keep tagging us @fancytigercrafts with your FTC makes. We can't wait to see what you create this Me Made May!

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