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Public Benefit Statement

Fancy Tiger Crafts Cooperative PBC

Statement of Public Benefit Works

At Fancy Tiger Crafts we have a strong history of being a positive force in our community, using both our business practices and our platforms as a force for good.

Our Public Benefit Statement

(i.) Sharing and encouraging the use and growth of traditional fiber craft skills for creative expression and cultural continuity by offering supplies, community spaces, classes, outreach, and support;  

(ii.) Making “Slow Fashion” more accessible as a means to encourage sustainable textile use, while also educating our customers about the impacts of the textile industries and wasteful clothing consumption; 

(iii.) Individually, collectively, and in collaboration with our customers and producers, reducing our environmental impact and promoting efforts to protect and preserve the natural world and its beauty; 

(iv.) Uplifting members of marginalized communities by direct partnership, amplifying voices, charitable giving, and volunteering with organizations that serve them, and actively working to make our spaces welcoming and inclusive to members of any such communities; and 

(v.) Forging and maintaining relationships with other individuals, businesses, organizations, and municipalities to facilitate the advancement of any of our shared purposes, missions, or values. 

To these ends, in the past year, we have engaged with the community in three main ways. 
  • Reducing our environmental impact and improving sustainability practices.
  • Supporting our values with our business practices.
  • Making donations to community organizations.

In 2018 Fancy Tiger took the first step to ensuring that we are making our business as sustainable as possible. In addition to our continuous efforts to source environmentally responsible products, we completed the Denver ‘Certifiably Green’ program. The initial certification looked at all aspects of the business, from water and power usage, to our shipping materials, to our waste streams, to our cleaning supplies and practices.

In 2022 it is now time to be recertified, and the requirements are now even stricter than before. We worked to ensure that we were living up to the original requirements, the new standards, and that we are constantly looking to improve our sustainability.
Specific actions we took to these ends include:
  • Invested more than $13,000 in sustainable shipping supplies.
Recyclable & compostable brown packaging with mint green Fancy Tiger branding printed on it with sustainable ink.
  • Resumed the use of cleaning products that are better for the environment, and for our co-workers and guests (many of these had been supplanted in 2020 as keeping our staff COVID-free took priority).
  • Took part in the annual Earth Day Baker Community Clean-up.

    In addition to investing in sustainability, we examined the ways in which our business practices can be in line with our values. As a cooperatively owned business, we are already engaged in ensuring that employees are able to build equity, are involved in business decisions, and are being adequately compensated.
    Specific actions we took to these ends include:
    • Paying employees competitive wages, and creating a system of raises and cost-of-living increases to ensure that we are rewarding the amazing talent that makes our business thrive.
    • Expanding our employee benefits, including stipends for ergonomic aids and transit usage; and creating an HSA.
    • Finding a more eco solution with Moondance Botanicals to offer refillable glass containers instead of single-use plastics for our house wool wash, and with that, offering bottle refills in store.
    • Hosting a monthly Peace Pod meet-up in collaboration with Knitting4Peace, a local organization that connects crafters with organizations that help people around the world.

    Lastly, we continued our practice of responding to folks who ask for donations to support their organizations, and also using our platform to collect donations on behalf of organizations as well.

    Organizations supported include - 

    • Stop AAPI Hate, National Network of Abortion Funds, The Center on Colfax, The Blue Bench Domestic Violence Support, Su Teatro Cultural Center, and more!
    • We also took part in a donation drive organized by the Metro Modern Quilt Guild on behalf of the Navajo Quilt Project. Our customers dug deep, and the Quilt guild needed to rent a trailer to haul it all!

    As we move forward as a business, we endeavor to continue living our values. Community is at the core of how we thrive, and being a strong, sustainable, supportive member of that community is one of our business goals.