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Q&A With Isabella Serrano


Our Bra Camp Workshop with Isabella Serrano (@whatbellamade) is just a month away! We are so excited to see the return of bra making to our classroom space and to welcome Isabella into our Fancy Tiger Crafts community! We thought it would be fun to share our Q&A with Isabella to help you get to know the amazing instructor you'll be spending the weekend with at our Bra Camp Workshop in March!

Isabella Serrano has been sewing almost her entire life. She discovered bra making and quickly became obsessed with it!  Learning to sew a bra that fit her body was one of the most liberating moments in her sewing career. She teaches online bespoke tailoring workshops together with her business partner as well as sharing sewing tutorials on her Instagram and Youtube channel. 

How would you describe your crafting journey? 

I have always had a burning desire to create! My journey is/has been/ and will continue to be a long road of a diverse array of crafts. I love learning new skills and honing them until I feel like I have mastered them to a certain degree. I have dabbled in many different crafts from spinning, to embroidery, to bespoke tailoring!What inspires you and your work as a maker?   

I am trained as a professional stage artist/dancer, and have spent most of my life on a stage! My inspiration for my work as a maker constantly changes, but it has mostly come from my own deep need for self-expression in the different “stages” of my life.  

Tell us about your studio or workspace. 

I am lucky enough to have a designated space for my work. It’s a bright and colorful space with a view of the mountains from the sewing machine, which I love to look at as I sew. The studio is my temple and a lot of thought and time has gone into perfecting it over many years. We put in really good lighting a few years ago and it was the biggest game changer. I recommend to anyone looking to improve their space, to invest in lighting. It’s the most important thing in my opinion, because it’s really hard to work when you can’t see!   

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

You can call my style “Farmgirl Elegance” or “Impractically practical”. I love dressing up. I love wearing long, beautiful gowns. I love silk, but I’m also a mom with chickens and a dog, so I love practicality like overalls and lots of pockets! I’m also big into graphic prints and color, the more color, the merrier!

What inspired you to launch your Bra Camp Workshops? 

Learning how to sew my own bras was one of the most liberating moments in my sewing career. Most people wear bras on a regular basis and most people, unknowingly, wear bras that don’t fit them correctly and are therefore in a constant state of discomfort. I was one of those people. Bra making helped me understand and feel comfortable with my body instead of always condemning it for not fitting. Bras or lingerie in general are very intimate pieces of clothing that are mostly enjoyed by the individual wearing them. For me, making a bra that fits, unlike a shirt or dress, is the biggest love letter to myself. 

How do you approach teaching skills to others? What do you hope participants will get out of your workshop? 

My goals when teaching any skill is that, first, it's a fun experience. It’s a lot easier to learn a skill when you’re having fun! And second, that it sparks a desire to continue to learn more afterwards.  What is your go-to playlist to listen to while you work?

I grew up the daughter of a musician, and later became a professional dancer/ stage artist, so music has always been a big part of my life. I listen to a lot of music of pretty much all genres. You can listen to my maker’s playlist here.

Don't miss out on this amazing workshop! You'll leave Bra Camp not only with a bra, but also with new skills, knowledge, and friendships! Register here to join Isabella Serrano's Bra Camp Workshop.

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