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Q&A With Christina About the Slow Fashion Intensive

Although our Slow Fashion Intensive Class is full (sorry if you missed out this time!), we wanted to check in with our Sewing 101 Instructor and Slow Fashion Intensive leader, Christina Patzman to discuss the intentions of the year-long course. This class is near and dear to Christina. We love the intention that goes into helping students create a handmade capsule wardrobe and she could not be a more enthusiastic teacher and leader. For that reason, we will be checking in with students and the class throughout the year to follow their journey. Those of you who are not able to attend the class in person may be able to follow along here on our Journal and plan your wardrobe out from home. Stay tuned on our social media and here on our Journal page as we drop in on the class each month and discover what they are learning!


This class is offered once a month for a year. Each scheduled class is a full day. Can you describe what happens during those classes? 

Christina: During the class days, we will meet all together and go over the day's planned topic, which is really a mini class: ie. understanding commercial patterns and garment basics. Then each student will have the rest of class time to work on their own garments, with my assistance.

What is the ultimate goal of the full year program? 

Christina:The ultimate goal of the full year program is to learn about slow fashion while making your own capsule wardrobe.

Can you explain why slow fashion is of interest and important? 

Christina: Practicing slow fashion is so important because fast fashion is so terrible. Most fast fashion companies don't pay their workers a living wage, textile production greatly contributes to climate change (responsible for 8% of carbon emissions), many fast fashion brands pollute water and land, the list goes on and on!

This class allows students to pick the intensity of skills and lessons they want to learn. How do you manage and discuss that with individual students? 

Christina: Together, all students will learn, or refresh their knowledge, of patterning and basic garment construction. Then each student will work independently on building their capsule wardrobe. I will make rounds while students are working and try my darndest to meet everyone at their own skill level.

At the end of 12 months, what should students expect to gain and tangibly have? 

Christina: At the end of the 12 months, students can expect to have upped their sewing game significantly and end up with many pieces of clothing that work well together, including basics and statement pieces. I am hopeful that we all will look at our wardrobes differently, keeping in mind what goes into making a garment and who is affected by our choices.

The last class is a presentation and celebration? What does that entail? 

Christina: The last class will be a celebration of all the hard work everyone has put forth! I'm hoping everyone will want to show off their new capsule wardrobe and celebrate the amazing accomplishments!

On average, are there a minimum number of garments a student can expect to complete? 

Christina: On average, a student can expect to complete around eight to ten garments, depending on how complicated each garment might be, and how much time is dedicated to working outside of class time.

Who is a good candidate for this class? 

Christina: A good candidate for this class is anyone really! A beginner sewist will benefit as much as a seasoned one!
Feel free to ask us questions as you follow along. Ask us here in the comments or on our social media pages and we will try our best to answer all of your burning questions. Be sure to share your projects with us by tagging us in your social media posts. We love to see what you all are making!


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  • Feb 08, 2022

    Hi Mary! We don’t have a waitlist going yet for next years, but you can sign up to be notified if a slot opens up in the current session by going here and clicking the “notify when available” button:
    Hope that helps!

    — Danielle

  • Feb 08, 2022

    Is there a wait list for this series of classes?

    — Mary Pritchard

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