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Junegrass: Batch Two!

Junegrass is a small batch yarn entirely grown and milled in Colorado. We work directly with farmers and a small local mill to create this limited annual yarn that celebrates some of our favorite wools. Junegrass: Batch Two is made with three breeds of wool. Lincoln longwool, in shades of grey from silver to charcoal, adds a silky sheen and will bloom a bit with knitting. White Merino/ Rambouillet Cross is springy and soft. A touch of CVM in a dark brown is blended in.

Batch Two has a little more yardage per skein at 300 yards per 100 grams. It can work up wonderfully at a sport weight gauge, or at a DK gauge. The high percentage of longwool blooms with blocking and hand washing, and will add warmth and fullness to your finished project. 

Junegrass: Batch Two

Before you decided how many of these silver skein wonders you need, we have a few project recommendations. Obviously, this versatile yarn works in tons of different applications, these are just a few projects that we think are just the bee's knees.

Hirombe Hat in Junegrass: Batch Two

Once we got our first skein of yarn in, Amber set to working knitting this Hirombe Hat from Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor Collection.

Junegrass: Batch Two texture

Since Arbor is such a tightly spun yarn and Junegrass has a more rustic texture, it definitely changes the look of the pattern but, Junegrass retains great stitch definition and the light silvery color of the yarn helps show off any texture you knit or crochet into your project too!

Junegrass Pullover and Batch Two swatch

If you are looking for a more simple patterned project, we highly recommed our Junegrass Pullover designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge for last year's Junegrass. The sample on the right is made up in our orginial Junegrass, but it will work perfectly in Junegrass: Batch Two also.

Junegrass: Batch Two

The wool for Junegrass: Batch Two comes from just two Colorado sheep farms--located in Hopper, CO and Wellington, CO. Scouring and spinning is done at a small mill in Craig, CO. From our hands to yours, enjoy!


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  • Sep 15, 2019

    where can I buy Junegrass?

    — Sue Adair Rowley

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