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Jaime and Amber's Summer of Basics 2017

We're excited to be a part of Fringe Association's first ever Summer of Basics! What is it? Summer of Basics is a make-along where we attempt to make three garments that are part of your basics wardrobe. Anyone is welcome to join and it could be any assortment of knit, crocheted or sewn items. You can find out all the details here.

Jaime's Summer of Basics 2017 Plan

I might have bitten off more than I could chew here, but I couldn't resist. I make a lot of clothes so for me basics mean just that - wardrobe staples that will get a ton of wear and that are missing in my closet.

Jaime's 2017 Summer of Basics

1) Ginger Jeans. I've already made these, last March. They were such a success, I've almost worn mine out. The back pocket needs to be repaired and they are super faded and worn in. They will still last (and i love them), but I only have one other pair of jeans to my name. I decided its time to make a second pair of Ginger Jeans in the classic Cone Mills Stretch Denim

2) Goji Skirt. I really need a basic black skirt. I have many print fabric skirts and one denim skirt, but a black skirt would really get some wear. This is my easiest make I've chosen and the fabric? Classic, beautiful, Brussels Washer in black.

3) Kelly Anorak Jacket. I love this so much and it would get so much wear here in Colorado! I've only made one jacket that I wear all the time, but it is a thick wool coat. This is the perfect jacket for the other 3 seasons. I chose an olive green twill. 

I have a lot of travel planned and not a ton of time for sewing so we'll see what I can accomplish, but I am super excited about these.

Amber's Summer of Basics 2017 Plan

Amber's Summer of Basics 2017

Karen Templer's Summer of Basics is I just what I need right now. I've been wanting to make jeans for several years now. They are a part of my everyday attire, honestly my most basic wardrobe item! I have a mostly handmade wardrobe so it's time I take on sewing my own jeans. Inspired by the success of the jeans-along Jaime hosted last year, I plan to sew the Ginger jeans. I'll sew them in a dark cone denim--an American made, very dark indigo denim. I'm excited about this being a summer of basics, as I don't want to rush through this project and I plan to start these jeans soon, but I'll give myself the summer to finish. If I finish sooner, all the better!

My other two projects are a bit simpler, so they will each probably be sewn in an afternoon. I love wearing my Adventure Tanks. They are easy summer sewing projects that are also easy to wear in the heat of summer. I've been really wanting a classic white tank. It's the perfect basic garment for hot and sunny summer days. The texture of this cotton slub jersey will make a beautifully basic muscle tank. 

I've made the short sleeved Melilot, and I really enjoyed the simplicity and the fit of this button down pattern. I've been wanting to make the long sleeved version. Since a chambray button up shirt is something I could wear every day, I know I'll be happy with this shirt. 

All three of these basic wardrobes are going to mix well together, and I can even see wearing all three together. They'll get me through summer and be perfect in fall. I'm ready to get sewing!

If you decide to join the Summer of Basics, there are all kinds of fun stuff you can win in addition to the awesome clothes that you make!. We're donating a prize for the best first garment (either knit, crocheted or sewn). For more details about how to enter and other giveaways, check out the post on Fringe.


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