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2014 Year in Review

2014 was a really fantastic year. We accomplished a lot of things that had been on our "to-do" list for a long time. As always, we couldn't do it without the amazing support of our customers and community, both here in Denver and the world beyond. We also would like to thank all our wonderful staff and instructors for their continued awesomeness, wonderful ideas, and endless inspiration.

We opened an online store and launched a new website! We finally launched a new website complete with online shopping. We now have one place that houses our store, blog, class and event offerings and it conveniently allows you to buy things and sign up for classes online. The future is now people! As with all new endeavors, we still have some exciting things in the works for our new website and we are constantly working to improve it. We are so excited to have a better platform to build an online community as robust as our in store local community.

This year also brought the launch of our first print garment sewing pattern. Amber's pattern, the Sailor Top, has been a favorite in our class line-up for a while, and we are so excited that it came to fruition as a pattern this fall! It's available now in many of our favorite sewing shops around the country and overseas and we couldn't be happier to share it with the world.

It has had a great response and we love seeing so many amazing new Sailor Tops out in the wild. The staff here at Fancy Tiger Crafts has already made countless Sailor Tops, and if you stop in you are sure to see one of us wearing it. Through the process of making this pattern we worked out a lot of details for printing patterns so we hope to develop more patterns in 2015.

We filmed three Creativebug classes! We love being able to teach and connect with people who can't make it to our classes here in Denver. Creativebug is a beautiful platform and it was such a fun experience to film with them. One of the classes is yet to be released so look for that coming up in January. We already have some new classes in the works with Creativebug for 2015 so stay tuned for more exciting online classes from yours truly.

We hosted awesome people! We were thrilled to have some amazing people come and teach here and host meet and greets. This year we had Latifah Saafir, Amy Singer, Nancy Marchant, Stephen West, Steven B, Lisa Solomon, Sarai Mitnick and Alyson Clair of Colette, Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch, Laura Nelkin, Thread Theory, April Rhodes, Cal Patch, Rachel May and Christine Haynes. Such a great lineup! We already have some exciting guests in the works for 2015 so local peeps can look forward to another amazing year of learning from the stars!

We traveled the world in search of new crafting knowledge. This year Amber and I went to Estonia for Estonian Craft Camp where we learned about Estonian knitting traditions and techniques as well as expanded our set of craft skills to some other new crafts like bone carving and ribbon plaiting. We love being exposed to new craft cultures and spent our days learning about the Estonian connection to wool, knitting and handicrafts. It was an amazing experience. We'll see where 2015 will take us...

We also had sewing projects in two crafting books that were published this year! We were thrilled to work with Susan Beal for her book Hand-Stitched Home, in which Amber designed a Pendleton upholstered ottoman. We were also a featured designer in Josephine Perry's book, The Sewists, which included Amber's tiny quilting project, patchwork coasters.

We were thrilled to be included in many amazing publications including American Craft Magazine, Vogue Knitting, Amirusu, Spin Off magazine and on Apartment Therapy. Thanks everyone for the mad props!

We defended our 2013 championship and won Spinzilla again this year! We are the undefeated Spinzilla champions of the world!

We look forward to 2015 and another year of making beautiful things, expanding our crafting knowledge, making new friends and learning new techniques. We hope you'll join us for more adventures and crafting in the coming year. Happy New Year!

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