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Lauren's Terrific Tincture

After using all my knitting brainpower on a colorwork sweater, I wanted to make something a little simpler. I also wanted a project that wouldn't take much time (so I could feel productive). I've been wanting to use Tov DK ever since it was released and it seemed perfect for a soft and squishy hat! The Tincture Hat was exactly what I needed- a quick and easy knit.

Lauren in sunglasses and her Tincture hat in front of bright yellow wall

Pattern: Tincture Hat by Andrea Mowry
Materials: 1 skein each of Tov DK in Oxblood and Owl
Size: One Size
Modifications: None

Detail of mosaic knitting in Tov DK

My Ravelry favorites are basically 90% Andrea Mowry patterns, so it's no surprise I chose one of her hats. She consistently releases such great designs and I'm always excited to see what she does next. One thing that led me to this hat is the way it uses mosaic knitting to create the effect of stranded colorwork. With mosaic knitting, you alternate colors every two rounds while slipping stitches to create the effect of colorwork. You only ever knit with one strand at a time! 

Lauren in her Grey and Red Andrea Mowry Tincture Hat

Tincture was a really straight forward hat pattern. The design repeats made the whole thing go by super fast and I loved the way it turned out. My favorite part about this hat, however, is the yarn! I am in love with the Tov DK. The 12 ply yarn creates the most plush and heavenly fabric. I have a lot of sweater dreams after working with this yarn. 

I would recommend this pattern (or any mosaic knitting project) to someone who wants to try their hand at colorwork before trying the stranded approach! 

Backside of Lauren's Tincture Hat

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