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Marta's Bright Balaclava in Mota

Marta wearing a red balaclava in front of a grey wall with an accent square that is also red

Instagram: @_martooth
Pattern: Ripple Balaclava by Jessie Maed Designs
Materials: 1 Skein Wooldreamers Mota in Bright Red, Size 4 16" Bamboo Circular Needles
Modifications: noneAs soon as we got Mota in from Wooldreamers I knew I wanted to make something out of it, I just didn't quite know what! I also couldn't pick a color-there are so many good ones! In the end I settled on this perfect bright red orangey vermillion color, only to realize I've made a few other hats over the years in similar reds- now I have three orangey red hats, and that officially makes it a collection. This yarn is so squishy and dreamy, I want to make something else with it in the future- maybe a sweater!

I decided to knit a balaclava because it seemed like a fun shape and I wanted to knit something I hadn't knit before. This pattern was so easy to follow, and definitely delivered as far as fun shapes go- like knitting a sock, but for your head. If I knit this again, I might lengthen the neck a bit and/or omit the increases for a more snug fit.  A balaclava is just as cozy as it seems and is perfect for the blustery breezy early spring/late winter weather we've been having in Denver. I've been enjoying wearing this as a cowl, and if the temperature drops or the wind picks up, I can simply pull the hat part up over head to keep my ears nice and toasty! 

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