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Kaylee's Tale of Two Bromes

It’s always an honor to get a chance to test sew Amber’s latest patterns before they are released. She has such an impeccable eye for trends and details and her patterns instantly become my wardrobe staples. It happened with the Adventure Tank, it happened with the Wanderlust tee, it happened with Fen and I can feel it happening now with Brome too! I have made a few variations of this wonderful garment and these are my two favorite (so far!).

Kaylees Chambray Dot Brome Dress in black

Pattern: Brome, View B By Amber Corcoran
Materials: Robert Kaufman Chambray Dot in Black
Size Made: 16

Placket Detail on Kaylee's Black Chambray dot Brome

This Chambray Dot View B version was the first Brome that I made and I am completely in love with it. I have had it for a little while and have loved wearing it in winter and early spring styled with tights and boots. The 3/4 sleeves make a fantastic transitional garment between summer and winter, but the lightweight Chambray Dot fabric keep it useable all summer long.

Side View of Kaylee's brome

Every piece of this garment feels special. Amber has added small, special details to every inch of this pattern and her love and care really shine through. The collars unique shape, light gathers throughout, and special sleeve placket/cuff really set this apart from other patterns out now!

Sleeve gathering and placket detail on the Fancy Tiger Crafts Brome

Don’t be intimidated by plackets. They are easy to accomplish with Amber’s concise instructions and make your dress feel so professional. I know you are going to feel like puking when you have to cut down the front of your garment, but read the instructions and have faith. It all works out in the end. Plus, nobody will believe you made this dress once you are done! Serious bragging rights.

Black Maxi Brome Placket Detail

Pattern: Brome, View C by Amber Corcoran
Materials: Robert Kaufman Essex Black
Size Made: 16

Detail of the back yoke gathers on the Brome Dress

There is something about a long black dress that always makes me feel like a classy goddess and this Brome Maxi (View C) is no exception. I wish I could wear this dress every single day, and there is basically no reason that I couldn’t. It is the perfect summer outfit for hitting the farmers marker, but it is equally perfect for classy dinner out or even a summer wedding. The linen cotton blend in this fabric give it a wonderful weight and drape that are perfect for this full length dress. I have never really had a “little black dress,” but I can definitely see the appeal!

Kaylee's full length Black linen/cotton Maxi brome

I definitely want to make a shirt version of the Brome. Jaime made a sleeveless version of the shirt (more about that on Friday) and it seems like the perfect compliment to my summer wardrobe! I’m thinking it would be great in a breezy Cotton/Hemp Stripe, but that is another Brome for another day.

Tie Detail on the Maxi Brome

Check back tomorrow for Sarah Case’s classy, work appropriate, Brome shirt!

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  • Jun 05, 2018

    Love both on you, but really really really love the black maxi. You look gorgeous, love the fabric choice.

    — Mandy

  • May 31, 2018

    Really darling!!! The dresses fit you beautifully and your fabric choices are really complementary to the style of the pattern. I must admit I didnt see myself liking the long dress version when I first saw rhe pattern but your black version has won me over. I am adding this to my must sew list!!

    — Anie

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