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Jaime takes a trip to Cozytown

I love the Linden pattern from Grainline Studio so much. This might be my sixth one and I'm not sorry at all. When we received this super cozy, thick new knit in, I knew I needed a new Linden. Mission accomplished.

Pattern: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio
Fabric: Heathered Grey Loop Back Knit, 2 yards
Size Made: 4
Modifications: changed sleeve and bottom hems and neckline, see below

This knit is the perfect knit to wear if you want to take a trip to Cozytown. It's thick, warm, soft and oh-so-pretty! It is a loop back so it has great texture on both sides. I used this to my advantage and used the "wrong side" for all my hems. There was no way I was going to use this knit and keep those adorable cream loops hidden. 

I had to change the pattern a bit to accomplish this. I attached hems to the arms and bottom in the same manner as the neck is finished according to the pattern. I measured the circumference of these hems and then subtracted 25% and cut my pieces this length. I made my new hem pieces the same width as the neck. I folded these in half lengthwise and used the serger to attach them while stretching them to fit. In this manner, the entire shirt was constructed on the serger. I only used my sewing machine to topstitch these and tack down the seam allowance at the end. I used a walking foot for this because of how thick the knit is.

The neckline is a bit bigger and more boat-like than in my other Lindens because I messed up my first one. First, I should warn you that this knit is only 35" wide so you'll need more than usual for your pattern. In an attempt to get my Linden out of only 1 1/4 yd of this, I cut my neckband out on the crossgrain. This did not work for the (obvious to me now) reason that the fabric cannot stretch the way it needs to. I realized my mistake halfway into serging the neckband on. I stopped and tried to rip it out, but it was nearly impossible to rip the serged seam with all those adorable loops in the fabric so I just cut it off, increasing the size of the neck. Then I had to cut, wash and dry another 1/2 yard of fabric to finish and I had to add an inch onto the length of the neck to accommodate the larger neck opening. Learn from my mistake everyone and always cut your knits the correct direction! 

Despite these set backs, I love my finished Linden. It is the warmest top I've sewn and I've already worn it in our brisk Denver days and remained cozy. I can't recommend this fabric or pattern enough for your winter wardrobe. 

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  • Nov 13, 2018

    Love this cozy shirt! I bought some of this fabric last time I was in your store and was considering a Linden, but wasn’t sure…now I am! And also, thank you for keeping it real and telling us about your mistake, it’s so refreshing to hear that even a pro like yourself makes mistakes!

    — Brook

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