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A Mini Kordy for Caitlin's Mini

Caitlin's daughter sits on an empty bottom shelf wearing her Mini Kordy Heirloom Sweater sweaterInstagram Handle: @sparrowsandspools

Pattern Name and Designer: Mini Kordy by Kiyomi Burgin and Sachiko Burgin, available in Mini Pom or Ravelry
Size Made: 2-4 yrs
Materials Used: Heirloom Romney, 2 skeins of Hubbard, 1 each of Cabbage, Golden Beet, and Kale
Modifications: Skipped the short rows to shape the back 

I tend to be a slow knitter, but it sure doesn’t feel that way when making mini knitwear! I’ve knit a few things for my daughter these past few years, like hats, mittens, and scarves. When Pom Pom Press released Mini Pom, I scooped up a copy because it was just too cute to pass up! And then Fancy Tiger announced their KAL for the new Heirloom Romney…so I figured it was time to dive into my new book. 

Caitlin's daughter wearing her Mini Kordy while standing in front of a shelf of fabric

The Mini Kordy is a child-sized version of the Kordy sweater by Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin, available in their Moon and Turtle book. So you, too, can have the Heirloom Kordy of your dreams! The new hues of Heirloom Romney are perfect for colorwork. Marta helped me pick out the 4 colors and the 2.5 year old approved, so I cast on immediately after getting my yarn. 

A close up of the yolk of the Mini Kordy

The sweater is knit top down, and the stranded colorwork flew by because I was so excited to see how the colors played together. The pattern is written with short row shaping for the back, but I figured it wouldn’t matter much for a toddler and decided just to skip it. 

Caitlin's daughter sitting next to some fabric bolts on a shelf, she is holding a bundle of Heirloom Romney skeins while wearing her Mini Kordy sweater.

The recipient is still in a phase of immense gratitude whenever I make her something: “Oh, you made it for me?! Thank you so much, mama!” It is so sweet and of course feeds my creativity even more. She’s had the chance to wear it a few times this Spring, and I hope she still loves it next year because it should fit her for at least one more cold season!

Caitlin embracing her daughter in front of a rack of fabric.

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