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Shawna's Omega Quilt

Shawna's Omega Quilt is held in front of a white brick wall. The quilt has a checkered design with an array of earthy colors

Shawna is a Fancy Tiger Alum and quilter extraordinaire! We are thrilled that she was able to sew this beautiful sample for us! To see more beautiful quilts that Shawna has made, visit her Instagram at @thequilticorn!

Name: Shawna
Instagram: @thequilticorn
Pattern: Omega Quilt by Miss Make
Size made: Queen, 96" x 96" 
Materials used: Kona Cotton (Evergreen, Lemon Ice, Lingerie, Natural, Wisteria), Essex Linen (Periwinkle, Pickle), Cutouts (Suede), Raw Silk Noil (Deep Olive, Rose), Nomad Linen Twill (Petal), Manchester Yarn Dyed (Rose), Windowpane (Cornflower, Mustard), OmegaCryl (Neon Pink, Watermelon) 
Modifications: Basic layout, no modifications 

I have been experimenting with one-patch (checkerboard) quilts for the last few years, so when I saw the release of the Omega Quilt pattern, the wavy line variation made me pretty excited. I loved how dynamic it looked, and any color combination I could find looked amazing. Marta asked if I would like to make one for the store, and I was happy to do it! I sent her my idea for a color scheme and she picked out and sent me a collection of fabrics to use. A dream team collaboration!  Marta and Bethany stand on stools while each holding a corner of Shawna's Omega quilt. They stand in front of a white brick wall. My original plan was to use a mix of colors and arrange them in a watercolor type fade throughout the quilt. I realized, after using the coloring sheet provided in the pattern, that the overall result was going to look really muddy, and I knew I would be disappointed. (It’s totally ok to change plans midway through! Sometimes a simpler idea works out better). My new direction was to add in a neutral color background, which would make the beautiful colors that Marta picked out shine! I added KONA Lingerie and Natural as Color 1 and used the rest of the fabrics as Color 2. This is a close up shot of the design of Shawna's Omega QuiltDevon (Miss Make) did a wonderful job writing this pattern. There are a lot of ways provided in the pattern to personalize your quilt. There are two layout options (Basic and Improv) and two color versions (Two Color and Scrappy) and she provides clear instructions on each. I chose the Basic layout and the Two Color version. Rather than using my mix of colors to do a Scrappy version though, I used one color per block, so mine came out looking like a sixteen-patch quilt. A close up shot of a hand holding up a corner of the quiltEach block is made with strip piecing and templates to cut the curves. If you’ve been wanting to try curved piecing or using templates on a quilt, this is a great pattern to try! Devon explains the process very clearly and includes smiley faces on the templates to encourage you and keep you on track! I’m really happy that my change of plan resulted in adding the lighter background color and the color block arrangement. The final result is really fun, fresh and playful!  Shawna's Omega quilt is folded over a person's arm. They stand in front of a white brick wall. To punch up the playful aspect, I finished the quilt by tying it with neon Omega-Cryl. It just looks so cute and happy! Omega-Cryl works great as a quilt tie. It comes off the spool as three separate thin strands that make the tie look full with only one knot. I used Quilter’s Dream batting and bound it with a self-made double-fold binding. Shawna's Omega Quilt is folded into a square in front of a white background


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  • Jul 20, 2023

    What a wonderful quilt! I love all the different fabrics and the pink ties are super cute and cheerful! This is just beautiful and you should be so proud of your work…it turned out very nice! It has such a sparkle to it and really caught my eye!
    Many Blessings,

    — Janet

  • Jul 20, 2023

    this is my favorite version of that quilt that I’ve seen so far ! thanks for sharing — that quilting thread really pops !

    — Jenifer

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