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Sara's Bamboo Adventure Tank

I was super excited when I saw the first samples that Amber made of what would become the Adventure Tank. I was even more excited when she asked me to test sew it for her! I pretty quickly settled on this light tan jersey to make my muscle tee in. It has the perfect amount of drape and recovery for a loose tank like this and the color goes with just about everything that I own!

Pattern: Fancy Tiger's Adventure Tank - Muscle Tee Version
Size Made: Extra Large
Materials: 1 yard Bamboo Jersey in Olive
Modifications: None

Once your pieces are cut out, sewing this tank is super fast! If you make sure to mark the notches on the arm and neck bands and on the shirt, then sewing the bands on is even faster than usual. The notches divide the band and the arm hole and neck holes into quarters after the seams are sewn up so that you can quickly match everything up. My arms and neck were finished with a twin needle after serging them on, but I had the worst time with my bottom hem for some reason. I've hemmed with a twin needle many times, but on this shirt it kept coming out. I ripped the hem out 3 times. The only thing left to do was to learn how to use our cover stitch machine. Fortunately it was super easy and not scary at all! I might never hem a knit again without a cover stitch machine.

I've already taken this tank on several hiking adventures and made a racerback version for running and working out. I'm super in love with this pattern and I still need a few in linen jersey after seeing Amber's.

Check back later today to see Jaime's favorite Adventure Tanks!

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