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Sarah's Child and Mam Sweater

This pattern was brought to my attention by the trending section on Ravelry, and it was love at first sight! First of all, I love an oversized top, so this was perfect. I also love the combination of a modern, oversized cropped sweater with dropped sleeves and the traditional colorwork featured on the back panel; two things that I never thought could play so well together.

Pattern: Child and Mam by Junko Okamoto
Yarn: the Fibre Co Cumbria, 5 skeins (4 scafell pike and 1 appleby castle)
Size Made: Medium (short length, short sleeves)
Modifications: added a few rows to sleeves

This pattern was designed to be knit up in ultra-rustic, naturally dyed Moeke Yarns from Romania. Because of my super sensitive skin, I can't wear that particular yarn right against my skin and was looking for something a bit softer. I went with The Cumbria, one of the new yarns from The Fibre Co! Cumbria is the perfect balance of a slightly rustic wool yarn but with a soft hand. I got as close to the original pattern colors with a Scafell Pike for the main and Appleby Castle for the contrasting colorwork, and I am so happy with the results! Cumbria makes a lovely, heavy, drapey fabric that suits a boxy sweater perfectly and I love the texture that the little bit of mohair creates. It is also extremely warm and comfy so I find myself wearing it in place of a coat as the weather gets colder. 

I adore everything about this garment! Especially the seed stitch borders around the hood, sleeves, and hem. The increase rows shoulders produce a two stitch wide “seam” that sits just a little forward on the body when the sweater is worn, it’s definitely one of the more graceful and modern details that I appreciate so much about this design. The pattern comes with two different options for hem length and sleeve length so it’s super versatile! I went with short hem, short sleeve and it’s perfect, but I can also see making a more tunic-like version using the long length for the inevitable second Child and Mam I knit up.

I made the happy accident of adding four extra rows onto the sleeves so they taper a little more than the pattern calls for resulting in a tighter fit at the cuff. I’m glad that I didn’t count properly in this case because the sleeves themselves are quite wide, so if this hadn’t happened, I’m afraid they could have swallowed me up just a little too much.

I had never done colorwork before, so that was a whole new adventure for me. I spent extensive amounts of time online looking up different schools of thought on how to hold two yarns, how to tension your floats, etc. Shoutout to YouTube knitting videos, I never could have done this without you! About halfway through, I got comfortable with my colorwork techniques and can definitely see more in my knitting future.

I have worn this sweater every day since I finished it and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. It looks great with boots and skinny jeans, over dresses, with skirts or leggings, this sweater can do no wrong.

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