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New Hjarn Hat Kits at Fancy Tiger

This year, for the holidays, Amber has designed a brand new hat pattern, Hjarn, that will be exclusive to our new Hjarn Hat Kits. A pairing of textural stitches and simple colorwork achieves our goal of maximum cushiness and warmth in this brand new pattern. Hjarn is the realization of a dream to blend traditional practices and modern style in one tidy package.

Amber's Ber Hjarn HatHjarn Hat Kit Contents

Kits will be available in three unique colorways using one of our favorite yarns, Álafoss Lopi. Made of 100% Icelandic wool, Álafoss will keep you warm and toasty in deep winter frosts. A 2-ply, Z Twist yarn known for its durability and warmth, Álafoss is the bulky sister of our favorite Icelandic wool, Léttlopi. Although this yarn comes from the Bulky weight family, you wouldn’t know it by its lofty light presence.

Jaime's Kol Hjarn HatHjarn Hat Kits

Hjarn is the Icelandic word for a “crust of snow.” Inspired by crusty, snow-blown ridges and knit with rugged and durable yarn, our new hat pattern lives up to its name as much as it protects you against it! Cold ears and chattering teeth will be a thing of the past in this thermal cap.

Greni Hjarn Hat by Amber Platzer Corcoran

Also, did you hear us say bulk weight yarn?! That means this hat is speedy as can be! You have time to knit one of these unisex hats up for every member of your family before winter is over. And we promise the addictive combination of textures and colors will keep you wanting more.

Amber's Hajrn Hat

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