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Marta's Classic Cropped Ilford Jacket

Instagram: @_martooth
Pattern made: Friday Pattern Company Ilford Jacket
Size Made: 1x/20
Materials used: Parker Boiled Wool Coating in Black
Modifications: Cropped by 2" and also made a double fold 2" hem in stead of 3/4" as the pattern suggests, lengthened collar points

I've been drooling over this Parker Boiled Wool since we got in it in, and with the temperatures in Denver dropping (finally!), I decided it was time to sew up a new fall and winter jacket.

The Ilford Jacket has such a cute, basic shape that goes with practically anything, so I knew it would be a perfect addition to my cold weather wardrobe. I've also made the Ilford once before, so I knew that I wanted make a few adjustments this time around.

The first thing I knew that I wanted to do was crop it- to do that I actually put the whole jacket together (save for the pockets) so that I could try it on before deciding on the amount that I wanted to take off. I also knew I wanted to have a wider hem that what the pattern calls for, so I kept that in mind when deciding on final length. In the the end I decided to take 2" off the bottom, and then did a double fold 2" hem to finish. I also knew that the collar was little short/small for my liking, so I chose to extend the points by 3/4" from the original piece. To me, this helps the collar to lay a bit more nicely.

The last time I made this jacket, I chose to use the boxy sleeve variation and had no problems. This time though, I decided to use the placket sleeve variation, and I think that it's maybe due to the fact that this is a unisex pattern, but the sleeves are laughably long on me, so I'll definitely be shortening those as well. Probably by about 1 1/2" to 2"- my magic number for this project!

I do love how boxy this jacket is, and how easily it comes together. I probably could have sized down one size, but I like that I'll definitely be able to wear a sweater underneath this and still button it up without feeling like a little sausage. The parker wool was not only a dream to sew with, but is also so cozy and plush to wear.

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