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Jaime's Peachy Atlantica

Holy smokes! I kind of can't believe I knit this. It may be my most complicated knit to date! The most amazing part is that so many other people joined us for this in what was our most successful knit-along yet. Thank you to everyone who joined!

Jaime stands in front of a mint green painted brick wall, wearing her newly finished hand-knit Atlantica sweater. The textured sweater is the pale peachy color of spring blossoms, and Jaime smiles.

Pattern: Atlantica by Audrey Borrego
Yarn: Einband in Peach and Light Ash Heather (5 each)
Size Made: 2 (39 1/4")
Modifications: Shortened body and tapered sleeves

Jaime wears her peach hand-knit Atlantica pullover, standing in front of a colorfully painted mural wall in shades of mint, rose, and pale lavender.

There's no denying this is a stunning pattern and I wanted to make it as soon as the Pom Pom issues no 34 was released. Not only was it a beautiful sweater, but it used one of my all time favorite yarns, Icelandic laceweight Einband from Istex (the wonderful people behind Lopi). Ever since I first went to Iceland, I've been dreaming of a sweater in this yarn, but a laceweight sweater is intimidating. Atlantica is perfect because it's knit with two strands held together for almost endless color-combination possibilities and faster knitting.

A detail shot of the texture on Jaime's sweater, showing the lace, bobble and cable texture.

I choose colors very similar to the magazine sample - just switching out the neutral from Light Beige (a warmer light neutral) to the cooler Light Ash Heather. I love the fun and summery bright color and it shows off all that intricate lacework so well!

Jaime stands with her back to the camera, looking off to the side. The back of her hand-knit, peach, Icelandic wool sweater is just as intricately textures as the front.

This was a time consuming knit. Made even more so by the fact that the pattern didn't lend itself well to zoom hangs or tv knitting - in other words, not a mindless knit. The challenging pattern combined bobbles (my first time!), lace and cables across both the front and back body panels. It did become more intuitive as I went.

A detail shot showing the sleeve and hem of a peachy, textural handknit sweater.

I made two simple mods. I shortened the body by 2" and I tapered the sleeve. For the sleeve, I simply divided the total number of decreased stitches (20) and spread them out over 10" so I added in one decrease round to decrease two stitches every 1" of knitting. The decrease round I used was:
k1, k2tog, knit until 3 sts before marker, ssk, k1

Close up of Jaime looking down and to the side in front of a minty green painted wall. She holds her hair back with one hand, showing the sleeve of her pale peach sweater is knit in reverse stockinette stitch and the length hits just below her wrist. The intricate texture on the body of her sweater is made up of cables intertwining with lace eyelets and bobbles.

Overall, I love this sweater. I've worn it almost daily since finishing (thanks Colorado springtime snows!) I'll probably cast on something simple and mindless now, but I'm so glad I took on this challenge!

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