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Jaime's Boucle Addison

I'm not sure what is shifting in the collective consciousness but I have found myself suddenly into texture: like, boucle and mohair kind of texture. (also purple!). Thankfully, the folks over at Woolfolk must be on the same wavelength because they just released this perfect boucle yarn, Flette. Of course a mauve boucle sweater was in order.

Jaime's Addison Sweater

Pattern: Addison by Julie Hoover 
Yarn: Woolfolk Flette in Champagne
Size: 42 1/2"
Modification: Knit the entire sweater in stockinette stitch instead of seed stitch, decreased the sleeve more

Woolfolk Flette

Flette is everything you would expect from a Woolfolk yarn, super soft hand achieved using their sustainably grown Ultimate Merino Patagonian wool, a sophisticated palette, and just the right amount of boucle texture. I immediately fell in love with this pale grey/lavender color, but it was a hard choice from the muted deep sage. They are all lovely. 

Side view of Addison Sweater by Julie Hoover

I chose to knit Addison after talking to my friend Jen Beeman over at Grainline who also was enamored by Flette and had already swatched for Addison. We discussed how unnecessary an all-over seed stitch pattern would be in boucle and Jen had swatched with success a stockinette stitch pattern. I followed suit and cast on. 

Woolfolk's Boucle yarn

As you know, Julie Hoover is one of my favorite pattern designers for classic styles and smart details. This sweater is no exception. The sweater is worked flat in pieces and seemed. There is shaping at the armholes and shoulders to create the drop should effect. Once the front and back are finished and seamed the collar is worked and then the sleeves. It came together beautifully. I keep the seed stitch rib at the hems and collar and worked the rest of the garment in stockinette stitch. I think the reverse side of st st in Flette yarn is more interesting so I chose to have that side facing out as my right side. 

One more simple modification I made was to decrease the sleeves more than the pattern called for. Addison features more of a bell sleeve with only one set of decreases. I added 7 more decrease rounds for a total of 8 decrease rounds or 16 sts decreased. The result is still a wide cuff, but a bit more tapered. 

A note on working with boucle: it is very hard to see what is going on in your stitches. Working my increases and decreases was a little fiddle-ly and forget seeing anything on your selvedge edges. It was kind of a nightmare to seam. Thankfully as difficult to see the stitches in boucle, it is equally as forgiving. You really can't see any of my alleged mistakes in all this texture. 

Overall I am so enamored with this cozy sweater! It is long! (It blocked to about 3/4" longer than the pattern called for). The yarn is so soft and the fabric is lovely. I'd highly recommend a knit in Flette if you're feeling the call for more textural fabric in your life.

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  • Dec 04, 2018

    This is so lovely!! Did you need to modify the pattern to account for the stockinette at all, in terms of which size you chose or your gauge? Or was it a relatively straightforward substitution?

    — Rebecca

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