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Amber's Beautiful Bromes

I've been hard at work behind the scenes here at Fancy Tiger and I'm so excited to share with you what I've been up to! You have probably seen a few hints we have left but I am so pleased to formally introduce Brome, the newest garment sewing pattern in our line-up. 

Amber in a Yellow Linen Brome Dress and Jaime in a Grey Brome Shirt

Brome includes three variations: a button up shirt with a full sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve knee-length dress, and a sleeveless maxi dress. The simple and classic silhouette easy to wear and is accented with a few special details. This is a pattern that will take you through so many different occasions and seasons.

Amber in her citrus colored linen Brome with her hand in the pocket

Pattern: Brome by Amber Corcoran, View B
Fabric: Naomi Ito Solid Linen Citrus, 3 yards
Size Made: 8

Partial Placket Detail on Ambers Citrus Linen Brome Dress, View B

The Brome you'll find me in on the cover of the pattern is this sweet citrus dress in linen from Naomi Ito. It is the perfect, breezy summer dress, and exudes happiness. A partial placket is a charming detail on both of Brome's dress versions. View B has 3/4 length sleeves and ends just above the knee.

Amber showing off the side seam pockets of her citrus linen brome

The Naomi Ito linen pairs excellently with Brome. It dances the perfect line between structure and drape and helps Brome’s details really shine. Beware! You are going to want one in every single color.

Partial Placket Detail on Amber's Green Floral Linen Brome Maxi Dress

Pattern: Brome by Amber Corcoran, View C
Fabric: Big Blooms, 4 yards
Size Made: 8

Back View of Amber's Linen Floral Brome Maxi Dress

I couldn't resist making the maxi dress version in another of our Japanese linens, this green floral from Lecien. Subtle gathers at the yoke of Brome create a flattering fit without darts. The maxi includes a tie if you want to cinch in the waist. Without, it is just as cute for an easy, flowing look. 

Amber in her Maxi Floral Brome

This earthy floral floor-length dress seems made for Colorado summer weddings and evenings out just as much as it is made for a trip to the farmers market in a sunhat. 

Amber's Blue Raw Silk Noil Brome Dress

Pattern: Brome by Amber Corcoran, View B
Fabric: Raw Silk Noil Steel Blue, 3 yards
Size Made: 8

Back Yoke Gathering Detail on BromeBack View of the Brome View B Dress

This steely blue dress is already a favorite, and silk noil is one of my favorite fabric basics. The lightweight drape of silk noil is perfect for Colorado spring weather. It's lightweight and breezy, yet will keep you warm on a cool night. It's not prone to wrinkles and so pleasant against the skin. All versions of Brome feature a scooped neckline, finished with a minimal band collar. 

Collar and partial placket detail on Amber's Raw Silk Noil Brome

Stay tuned all week as we share more Bromes leading up to the release on June 4th! To pre-order your copy of Brome, click here!


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