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Aleks' Marvelous Meadowland

Woman and patchwork quilt

Aleks' is one of our Staff Tigers and is an incredibly prolific and talented maker. You can see her in a lot of our blogs here!

Blue has never been “my” color, but when The Blue One Collection arrived, I immediately fell in love! I was reminded of the Patchwork Circles Fabric I used to make the Alder Dress way back (seems like years ago) on July 7th of last year. Lo and behold, both were designed by Marcia Derse of Windham Fabrics.

Pattern: Meadowland Quilt
Size Made: 80" x 96"
Fabric Used: The Blue One Collection and Grunge Hits the Spot
Notions: Quilter's Dream Cotton Select Batting
Modifications: Added black border around the top

Blue patchwork quilt

The stack of these fabrics sat on the counter where I do most of my work at the store. As I looked at them every day, I knew I had to make something, but what. I shuffled through the clothing patterns, but that would only allow me to use one or two of the multitude of colors and designs – too hard to choose. A quilt… I have never made a quilt for myself.

Patchwork quilt with tree

I selected the Meadowland Quilt pattern by Then Came June. I love the variety of solid colors she selected and the possible combinations of patterns of the fabrics I chose. I imagined sleeping under the deep blues and black, like the deep night sky reflecting on the smooth surface of a still lake.

Patchwork Quilt square

Every night sky is bound by the sunset and sunrise. The Grunge Hits the Spot, another line that I absolutely adore, has the perfect colors for creating a sunset/sunrise - Eggplant Metallic, Maraschino, Sunflower, and Salmon! As I throw back the top to get up in the morning, I am greeted by this beautiful sunrise.

quilt back

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  • Apr 13, 2021

    This is so gorgeous! What an amazing way to work with this palette of blues that move so gracefully throughout the quilt! 💕

    — Jessica

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