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Spinzilla 2016!

This past week was the 4th annual Spinzilla spinning competition, where teams of hand spinners across the globe spend seven days spinning as many yards of yarn as they can. After our first-ever defeat last year, Team Fancy Tiger was back in black, with metal hearts and a drive to tear down the competition with our powerful treadling. Hail to the horned! No, but seriously we are just here to have fun.

It was a really fun week of spinning community, as our team gathered with wheels and wool to spin together. We spun at the store, out in nature, at the Molly Brown Museum, and at the Denver Art Museum. When wheel spinning was impractical, spinners even took their drop spindles on walking commutes, dates, and to famous landmarks like Monticello.

Many of us had personal challenges and goals to improve our spinning, try new techniques, or spin for a large project. Many beautiful yarns were made. 

We finally have nearly perfected our competition spinning, with team yarn labels (Miranda is a genius), DIY e-spinners (Shannon is a genius) beverage hats for easy drinking (I am a genius), and, as in years past, our much beloved team rally gal Alsn cheering us on and counting thousands of yards for us. How are we so lucky?

We are even training the next generation of handspinners already, so watch out world!

We are still counting up those yards, so check back here in a week or so to see how we did this year!

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