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MeMadeMay 2019 - Week 2

Week 2 of MeMadeMay is in the books! Last week, we talked about what folks were most excited to wear (despite many of those plans changing due to snow). This week, we asked the FTC staff if they’ve learned anything surprising about their memade wardrobes halfway through this challenge?

Memademay week 2 staff looks
Danielle: I guess mine would be how extremely comfortable I feel in some of my makes and how fidgety I feel in others (because I feel like they’re too short or snug on the arms, etc)…and how becoming aware of that makes me want to make more of the styles I feel truly amazing in, but in different fabrics/colors so that I can feel that comfort ALL of the time!

Shawna: My handmade wardrobe has slowly grown since I landed here at Fancy Tiger four and a half years ago. MeMadeMay is always a reminder of that, as I pull out more and more MeMade garments from my closet. The first year, I had one shirt and now half of the clothes I wear on a regular basis are handmade. My MeMade items are usually the ones I reach for first and feel the most comfortable in. It is super empowering to have clothes that fit me how I want. No more making do with ill-fitting clothes!

Memademay week 2 looks from the Fancy Tiger Crafts team
L: My MMM learning this month, as a first-time participant, is that I am glad I finished making an Alafoss outerwear sweater in April because it has been snowy/cold enough to wear it this month. At the same time, I wish I had more dresses, because the black jeans I wear with all the lovely tops and tunics I’ve made are entirely too hot when it is sunny/warm. Another Fen (pullover styling, perfect length, blouson fit, POCKETS) is in my near future.

Amber: I’ve learned that the ratio of dresses to separates I *make* is much higher than the ratio of dresses to separates I *wear*. I feel much more comfortable in pants in my everyday life. Recently I’ve been focusing on really trying to sew what I like to wear. Which means there are more pants in my sewing future!

week 2 of Memademay handmade wardrobe by fancy tiger crafts
Amanda: You know, I think I’ve discovered that I finally have enough elastic waist pants (maybe!). Some of my summer basics could use a refresh/replace - I’m hoping doing that will get me re-excited about the separates that I already have. That said, it’s so hard to avoid being inspired this month!

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