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MeMadeMay 2019 - Week 1

If you’ve been following along in our stories on Instagram, you know we’re having fun with MeMadeMay this year. And adapting to some truly strange (and snowy) May weather in Colorado! As we go through the month, we’ll be checking in weekly to discuss our progress, our goals and our findings.Fancy Tiger Crafts staff picks for memademayThis week, we asked the FTC staff: Is there a make you were particularly excited about wearing this year for MeMadeMay? Here’s what they had to say.

A few of Danielle's week 1 looksDanielle: For me, it wasn’t that I was excited to wear any single one of them. It was more that I wanted to challenge myself to style them in a different way so that I might wear them more. This time last year, I wouldn’t have worn a duster cardi & boots with my Simone dress, or lace-up boots & jeans under my Kalle dress, but now I adore them both that way and can get a lot more wear out of them!

A few of Amber's memades from week 1 one of memademayAmber: I’m excited that May brings the return of tank top weather! I’m most excited to bring my favorite Brome tank top back into rotation, as well as my many Adventure Tanks.

Bob's week one looks for memademayBob: I love that Colorado weather means one last hurrah with sweaters before putting them away for the year!  But I love to see the transition through the month as we watch everyone's garments transition from cooler weather to the fun summer things we've been dying to wear!

Group 2 of Fancy Tiger Crafts staff week 1Join us next week for more MeMadeMay ponderings!

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