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Jaime and Amber's Most Worn Makes: Winter 2018

Sometimes you make a garment and it is the perfect piece that fits right into your wardrobe. Other times you make a thing, maybe you love it, but it just doesn't get worn. Finding practical pieces that you wear over and over again is basically the dream scenario when you are making your own clothes! In Most Worn Makes, we revisit some of Amber and Jaime's makes that have stood the test of time.


Jaime in her Junegrass Cline and Ginger Jeans

It's that time of year again - time to review the most used and loved makes of the last 6 months. Without a doubt, it's my Junegrass Cline Sweater and the new Ginger Jeans I made with Heather in her retreat last September. I was living in my Ginger Jeans before, so now I have another pair to destroy with my constant daily use. Look at how faded they already are and I made them in September!! 

Jaime's Ginger Jeans

I was really not sure about the fit of Cline going into this sweater, but OMG, I reach for this sweater at least a few times a week. It's embarrassing really. It is just so cozy - between the soft and springy Junegrass yarn, and the over-sized coziness of the Cline pattern - its perfect. 

Jaime's Junegrass Cline

An unexpected Most Worn Make has been my black rayon Farrow dress. You just don't realize how much a nice, black dress can be utilized in your wardrobe until you have the perfect one! I'm mostly a jeans and sweater person, but I do go out occasionally and this is my new favorite thing to wear. It looks nice, but is so cozy. The fabric has excellent drape and doesn't wrinkle as much as the cotton and linen I'm used to working with, which makes it great for travel too. I've haven't been super productive lately, but the few things I have made have been so functional in my wardrobe. If you see me in the near future, chances are high I'll be wearing one of these. 

Jaime in a Grainline Studio Farrow Dress


When I started thinking about handmade garments that are in high rotation, I realized I have a bit of a theme: indigo and heather grey. I've been regularly reaching for these wardrobe neutrals--they are easy to wear, never fussy and just classic as can be.

My Junegrass sweater has been a steady friend ever since I finished it about a year and a half ago from Junegrass Batch 1. It is one of those sweaters that is never too stifling, but always warm enough when you need it. It's classic color and shape means I'll happily wear it several times a week, styling it different ways with jeans or over a dress. The Junegrass looks great even after all that wear! It's also something I'm so very proud to wear--the yarn is from our first batch of 100% Colorado raised and milled, ultra-local, extra special yarn. 

Amber's Junegrass: Batch One Pullover

Another wardrobe favorite that can be styled a thousand ways is my chambray Melilot. The tencel/cotton Santa Barbara Chambray is drapey and comfortable. It's only looking better with wear as it starts to show a little whiskering in the indigo. The flat felled and french seam construction means I'm just as excited about the inside of this shirt, and it is sure to last me a good long while. When I roll up the sleeves I even get to see my lovely French seam finish. Nice. 

Amber's Tencel Melilot

Back to heather grey, my Toaster Sweater in this lightweight jersey has been one of my absolute favorite tops. It's as comfortable as a t-shirt, but just a little less casual than a basic tee. I love the construction of this version of the Toaster Sweater! The neck and hemline are fun, surprisingly simple and look fantastic.

Toaster Sweater

Likely my most worn item of all is my Omemee Cable Toque in Álafoss Lopi, Sheep Sorrel. The deep, warm burgundy color seems to go with everything in my wardrobe. Lopi, with its light and lofty Icelandic wool magic, is my favorite yarns for fickle weather. This hat has been worn in blustery wind, snowstorms and even when I'm just a bit cold in my house. I've slept in it when camping to keep my head warm and snowshoed in it. It's my very favorite hat of all time. 

Amber's Omemee Cable Toque in burgundy Alafoss Lopi

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