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Fancy Cotton Loopalong

Back in June some of our favorite local crafters Kelli Ward (of True Bias) and Erin Sundet (of Sewbon) came to visit Fancy Tiger. They both fell in love with the Big Cotton Long Vest sample we have on display, but neither knew how to knit. They decided to learn to knit just to make this fantastic statement garment! Well, there is nothing more contagious than the excitement of new knitters….thus the #FancyCottonLoopalong was born!

Thanks to all that joined this impromptu knit-along, both local and across the country. We can’t think of a better way to welcome new knitters to the community, even if not everybody finished just yet.

Amber Corcoran / @Fancyamber

Yarn: Big Cotton/Tahitian Pearl

Modifications: I tend to knit loosely, and often go down a needle size or two to get gauge. I wasn't too worried about my gauge on this oversized project, just used the size recommended and--sure enough--my gauge was off. I just went with it, and the resulting vest is a bit larger with looser stitches.
Next project: I'm jumping right back into two projects I have on hold, both Carrie Bostick Hoge patterns, the Junegrass Pullover and Lila Light. Both are in Colorado grown yarns! My Junegrass Pullover is in our (sold out) Junegrass yarn, and Lila light is in a fingering weight hand spun I made from Aniroonz 100% Colorado Wendsleydale roving.

Jaime Jennings / @Fancyjaime

Yarn: Big Cotton/Apricot

Modifications: I wanted to make my Long Vest in the Apricot colorway, but it was sold out at Loopy Mango so we couldn't order more and we only had 5 skeins in stock. The vest takes 8. I decided to go for it and make a smaller, cropped version. I cast on fewer stitches (29 instead of 35) and went for it. I shortened the vest completely. I only did 10 rows of garter on each side instead of 14. My gauge was right on so using fewer stitches and doing less rows was how I made the vest smaller. It worked. I had just a bit of yarn left over and my cropped vest is adorable. Obviously this is a quick knit - especially my abbreviated version and this only took me a few days to make. I love it and I loved knitting with these awesome ladies!

Devon Iott / @missmake

Yarn: Big Cotton/Apricot
First knit garment? No, but definitely the fastest!
Modifications: I used size 17 needles instead of 19. I pretty much always have to go down in needle size when knitting to get gauge.
Next Project: I've already cast on a Vaara sweater from the summer 2016 Pom Pom Quarterly out of Quince and Co Sparrow linen yarn in Juniper

Erin Sundet / @Sewbon

Yarn: Big Cotton/Castaway

First knit garment? Yes! And now I'm addicted!
Modifications: None
Next Project: I just bought enough Shiny Happy Cotton to make a Wool and the Gang Cast Away Scarf. Those tassels are amazing!

Rasami Wood / @stripyoctopus

Yarn: Big Cotton/Tahitian Pearl

First knit garment? No, it was not.
Modifications: Yes. I decreased the amount of rows for the front and back, and the number of stitches around the arms. I basically copied Jessica Eaton--she's my Sifu. I also didn't do the rib stitches along the neck line and the front body, mainly because I didn't have enough yarn with me when I left town with it. Nevertheless, I still like the look of it.
Next Project: I'm planning on finishing the other two summer sweaters that I started a month and a half ago. The knitting parts are basically done, I just need to stitch them together. Then after that, maybe, a shawl.

Jess Eaton / @jaejeanne

Yarn: Big Cotton/Castaway

I was so excited for this knit a long! As soon as you try this thing on you are in love and it's becomes a MUST! I even convinced my mom to join in the KAL and it was so great to see her happily knitting again! I have made myself my fair share of sweaters but this might be my favorite! I modified the pattern slightly. I casted on a total of four stitches less (two in the back and one on each side of the front panels) and knit two rows less. My minor modifications made this sweater fit me perfect :D I love how bulky and oversized it is!! I think I might be obsessed and plan to exclusively knit bulky sweaters for the rest of the year! They knit up so quickly and are so gratifying. I have already casted on for The Big Fun Cardigan by Wool and the Gang in Jersey Be Good... Bring on the bulk!!

Sara Cougill / @anelementallife

Yarn: Big Cotton/Tahitian Pearl

First knit garment? Nope, but my first super bulky garment for sure!
Modifications: I wanted mine shorter than the sample, and I always knit at a tighter gauge than the pattern calls for so I didn't go up a needle size like usual. It worked out perfectly! I picked up fewer neckband stitches and arm stitches as well.
Next Project: I'm swatching for the Beach Tank from @thekitchenwitch as well as making up a shawl pattern as I go along using the Junegrass yarn I managed to snag.

Deb Eaton

Yarn: Big Cotton/Castaway- a really great neutral color that will go with everything.

First knit garment? This was not my first knit garment, although it is the first sweater I have finished in 25+ years! This was my vacation project while I spent two weeks in Maine. I was determined to finish it by the time my daughter came into town so we could take a picture together in our new sweaters on the lake.
Modifications: I am a fairly loose knitter and am tempted to reknit it with a few minor modifications. I really like it so I'm still deciding, but the project worked so quickly, I really wouldn't mind knitting it again and adjusting it by a few stitches and rows.
Next Project: My next project is a lacy scarf or shawl, I already have the yarn just need to find the perfect pattern.

Thanks to everybody who joined in on this fun and fast knittinng project!

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