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A Fancy Tiger Crafts for All

Jaime and Amber holding an ACLU Open to all Sign

Fancy Tiger Crafts began very small, over twelve years ago, a dream to create a modern craft store focused on textile crafts. A place that would be welcoming to every kind of crafter--especially beginners. Jaime and I were both passionate about crafting, skill sharing, and sourcing great materials.

It was mostly just the two of us for a while. We had one employee working one day a week and just a handful of super supportive customers. We slowly grew, invested in more inventory, were able to hire more staff, more teachers and to carve out time to make more things happen with the shop.

As we've grown, so has the realization that our business has become much more than just a craft store. We have an impact on the lives of our employees and the lives of people in our community.

We've been doing a lot of reflection over the last few weeks about how we could do better as a business representing and welcoming the people in this community. We've actually been wrestling with some of these ideas for a while.

How can we make the space we have created here more inclusive and welcoming to all people? Regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Regardless of size, ability, age, or religion. We've always had the mission to welcome crafters of all skill levels and abilities, and we thought it didn’t need saying that we welcome ALL people. But it does need saying.

Welcoming all people means providing space to represent those in our community who are underrepresented. It also means having conversations about why a lack of representation persists in our industry. Going forward, it is our mission to welcome, support, and represent all makers, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, size, ability, age, or religion. It is our mission to see and confront discrimination in our shop and in our industry. It is our mission to be thoughtful of how we present crafting and crafters in our little corner of the world.

In order to be more transparent with you about our values as a business, we’ve added a new page to our website. Visit and read about what we find important and the things we are doing to make a positive impact.

As always, we are listening to you and hope to hear your feedback and input about how we can be the best Fancy Tiger Crafts we can be.

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