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1% for the Planet - Supporting Environmental Non-Profits

This year Fancy Tiger Crafts became a member of 1% for the Planet. We are excited to join this community of businesses committing one percent of sales to environmental non-profits.

1% for the planet program plaque

While we have donated to a variety of organizations in the past, we chose to make this effort more formal with our 1% membership. This third party, non-profit organization certifies member donations, making sure that businesses are donating one percent of gross sales to approved environmental causes each year. In addition, they vet the non-profit partners to make sure they are working to make positive changes to the environment.

There are so many non-profit partners to work with through 1% for the planet, and we are going to be donating to a different one every month. We are looking specifically to work with nonprofits supporting and run by women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) as well as non-profits working within the textile industry which is notoriously harmful to the environment. This is a small step, but one we believe in. Think of what it would look like if every for-profit business chose to donate just 1% of their gross sales to helping the environment! The scale of climate change is overwhelming, but we believe that every step counts. Small steps in actions and dollars done by many people and companies can help move us towards positive change.

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