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Victoria's Beach Babes Willow Tank

This story starts with having younger siblings who are on the cutting edge of what is cool and dress way better than I do! When we first got the Sun Girls (or as I like to call them Beach Babes) I thought they were cute and that was it. It wasn't until my sister in Austin got some in the blue to make a summer button up, that I started to consider it as a potential garment. So, as a true sibling, I had to copy her. 

Victoria's Sun Girls Willow Tank

Pattern: Grainline Studio's Willow Tank and Dress
Materials: Cotton + Steel Sun Girls Rayon/Cotton blend
Size: 4
Modifications: I used store-bought bias tape and did a wide hem at the bottom

Pink Sun Girls by Cotton + Steel and Rifle Paper Co

I also have to admit that I LOVE Cotton + Steel's collaboration with Rifle Paper. So much so, that when they had their floral line last year, I bought it in almost every color to make Grainline Studio's Lakeside Pajamas (still in the queue...). I just love the colors and the modern look of it. Never childish or splashy, to me it seems to invoke an old-school elegance... I'm positive my better-dressed sisters would agree. 

Victoria in her pink Beach Babes tank

I decided to make a Willow Tank out of my Beach Babes, mainly because when I finally decided that I had to have some, we only had a yard and change left. It was too little to make an Ogden Cami, but just enough to make the Willow if I didn't make my own bias tape (which, let's be real, I'm lazy. I was never going to make my own bias tape). This sewed up quickly and easily - I put it together in a few hours (despite having sewn on some bias tape backward because I was too engrossed in Orange is the New Black, I know, I know I'm WAY behind). 

Closeup of the pink bathing women on this Cotton + Steel Fabric

I had never made this particular garment before, but I have made a couple of Grainline Studio's garments and have received a Lakeside pajama set from my sister. I knew it would be a good option as I really like the simplicity of their garments and the ease in making them. They always have great instructions, definitions of all the terms they use, and the fit is consistent across their patterns. I typically wear a size 4/6 or small in standard factory garments. I find that Grainline's sizing is spot on. I made a Farrow in size 4 and it fits like a dream - not too snug in the armpits or neck. I made the Willow in a size 4 and it fits well, although, I think next time I may cut the armholes a little larger as I noticed that it pulls a bit from the shoulder. Another customer reported having the same issue. TBD if this fixes the issue or not! My Lakeside pajamas are a size 6 - I prefer a more relaxed fit in sleepwear and they fit perfectly! I'm excited to (hopefully) make a bunch of those this summer! 

I think, of the many patterns we carry, Grainline is my go-to for wardrobe staples. There isn't a whole lot of funk or flare, which I like, because you add that yourself by choosing your materials and it allows you to pair each piece how you see fit. I follow their hashtag on Instagram and am amazed at how different each Farrow or Willow tank is! I also think their patterns are timeless and flattering on all body shapes/types. I just sent my mom some Naomi Ito Cadeau Lawn in charcoal to make herself a fancy Willow - I think she's going to LOVE IT! 

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