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The Definition of A Perfect Summer Top

The staff summer sewing challenge has taken the Tigers by storm and inspired a lot of dreaming and planning.  I set my eye on this really fun summery top by Cashmerette because of its cute and not too low-cut front, the sassy strappy back and the high-low hem that makes it a great casual or dressy tank. This last fall I made the Lenox Shirtdress by Cashmerette and had luck finding a nice fit for my curvy frame, so I had confidence this pattern would be a good choice and man, was I right!  When it came to fabric choice, I took my time considering all my options and decided on the most dreamy linen by Naomi Ito (Nani Iro) in the deep blue/green shade that all my dreams are made of.  

Tiffani in her Deep Green Linen Cashmerette Webster Top

Pattern: Webster Top by Cashmerette
Fabric: Naomi Ito Solid Linen, in Spruce
Size Made: 12, with an E bust
Modifications: None

Close up of the neckline on the Cashmerette Webster

When it comes to cutting my fabric I use the fabric weights and rotary cutter technique and usually have no trouble getting a clean and accurate cut, especially with knits or shifty fabrics like rayon.  But I wasn’t prepared for the shifty, slinkyness of the Japanese linen and it definitely was a challenge.  I made the mistake of cutting it on a surface that was not only too small to support the long piece of fabric but was also too tall for comfortable cutting.  Both things were user error and not the fault of this perfect linen but still resulted in an unfortunate slip of the fabric while cutting, making one side of the front a slightly different shape than the other.  I didn’t notice until I was sewing my darts and while one was perfect as could be, the other took a sad and pathetic dive towards my feet.  Well, that just had to go! So I began carefully ripping my stitches, sweating and praying that I didn’t rip the wrong stitch which would lead to an unfortunate hole in my, er “dart” region. 

Cross back Webster top

Luck was on my side and I was able to adjust my “downward” dart, to a much perkier position. From there, the rest of the shirt came together pretty nicely.  The shape of the facing is a bit funky, but it lays really nicely and makes the whole shirt feel more professionally put together because of how you stitch it down and secure it in place. 

Back View of Tiffani's Linen Webster

The pattern has you pull the entire top, one side at a time through the narrow opening between the neck and armholes and facing, which was something you’ll want to do carefully and slowly but is worth the effort for the beautiful finish it creates. The back straps are easy enough to sew in, but you’ll want to make sure you get a good angle when sewing in the tops of each strap, or you’ll have puckering issues when positioning the bottom of your straps. The only other thing I think I’d change is the length because I’m petite and it’s almost a little too tunic length for my liking. 

Overall I’m really thrilled with the fit and look of my finished Webster Top. The effort was 100% worth it. Cashmerette does a great job of developing user-friendly sewing patterns for us curvy ladies that includes a range of cup sizes for a more custom fitting garment.  I’ve really become a big fan of Cashmerette!

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  • Jun 29, 2018

    Love this top. I have some lightweight linen and the Webster pattern. There may be a linen Webster in my future. Remember imitation is the best form of flattery. This top looks great on you.

    — Christina Way

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