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Silk Velvet: Caitlin's Fancy Finery

When we started stocking the Rayon/Silk Velvet, the excitement around here was infectious.  Did I really NEED a velvet garment?  Once feeling it, the answer was a resounding "YES".

Caitlin's Inari Wrap Shirt in Silk Velvet

We hadn't even received the Marine colorway yet, but I had a little color swatch and wandered the store looking for inspiration.  It paired so nicely with our Navy Cupro/Rayon 120 Denier, that the pair was a no-brainer for me. Added bonus - navy blue is my go-to favorite color!  My dream duo was a knee-length cupro dress layered with a wrap tee that hit at my natural waist.  Here's how I made my dream a reality:

The dress is a Sway Dress from Papercut patterns.  I knew I wanted something simple and clean, with a full skirt.  The skirt is so full, that it's really important to let the dress hang before hemming to let it stretch out at the side seams.  I had intended to cut the hem evenly, but a poll from my co-workers was to keep the dramatic handkerchief hem that resulted from the full skirt.  I think I really love it - but I could always change my mind and cut it even later.

The top is what really makes this outfit pop!  There was a lot more planning than sewing, but I'm glad I took the time to consider patterns and pick the perfect one!  The base of my wrap top is an Inari Tee by Named Patterns.  The first step was to make a pattern that fit my measurements since the largest size only finishes at a 44.5" bust.  I managed to make the US 14 fit with a hefty FBA and a full bicep adjustment. 

Wrap Inari

Pattern: Inari by Named Patterns
Fabric: 2 yds Solid Silk Velvet in Marine
Size Made: US 14
Modifications: FBA, full bicep adjustment, omitted the sleeve band, hacked into a wrap top

I chopped off a little bit from the length so it would hit at the smallest part of my waist, and did not sew up the side seams (the sleeve is sewn above the armpit). The side seams were brought out at an angle to make the wrap. The front first wraps to the back with a simple silk ribbon.  There is a wide velvet band along the back which wraps all the way around the front to tie in the back.

I'm really pleased with this outfit! It feels so luxurious - cupro and velvet are two of the softest textiles we have and this really feels like the fanciest secret pajamas.  I even have some blue suede Danskos that are the perfect cherry on top!

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  • Dec 17, 2018

    Gorgeous outfit! Navy is my favorite, too.

    — Kristie Fields

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