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Miranda's Upcycled Sublimely Stitched Dress

I love going to thrift stores. Ever since I was a little girl, our family has always been interested in finding hidden treasure. My first job was selling popcorn and soda in an auction barn in Kirksville, Missouri - and that was my mom's first job too! My love of fabric and sewing comes from that side of my family, too. I feel a deep connection to my roots when I'm making something great out of something else. Sometimes, I see hidden treasure in clothes too! 

Miranda's Upcycled Embroided Dress

Materials: 1 yard Checkerboard Plaid Ikat
Sublime Stitching Song Birds Pattern (Available In-store)
Embroidery floss

Sublime Stitching Cardinal and Worm

I found this dress at a thrift store and saw some hidden potential. I liked its bones, but It needed a little something more... a cardinal pulling a worm out of the bottom hem for lunch and a bluebird on my shoulder to bring happiness!

Miranda's Lengthened Upcycled Dress

I thought it would be great for summer, so I embroidered songbirds all over it and I love how they turned out. Sublime Stitching's patterns are always easy to transfer and fun to stitch.  Still, the dress was too...skimpy and the separating zipper in the front makes it feel more revealing than it is. I brought it in to Fancy Tiger one day to find something to keep the birds singing. This handsome check was perfect! The colors are gorgeous and the light, floaty hand of the fabric reinforce the idea of a summer dress. Now I can wear it without layers underneath if I choose! 

Miranda's Sublime Stitching Dress

When upcycling or remaking clothes, I find it really helpful to think of a concept that unifies the whole thing - in this case, a summery dress for Ms. Frizzle to wear on a bird-watching field trip - and make every decision with that in mind.

Sublime Stitching Songbird

What do you have in your closet that needs help? Bring it in and let's talk!

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  • Feb 13, 2017

    Love the thrifting spirit and your ability to transform a regular garment into something terrific!

    — MOM

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