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Miranda's Twirly Tornado Hamlin Peak

We can't get enough Quince & Co. yarns in ash! Today we have Miranda telling us about her super speedy Hamlin Peak Cardigan in Kestrel. This super simple Pam Allen pattern is a dream to knit and a dream to wear. Tell us about it Miranda.

Miranda's Hamlin Peak Cardigan

Pattern: Hamlin Peak Cardigan by Pam Allen
Materials: 9 skeins of Quince & Co. Kestrel in Ash (available in-store)
Size Made: 38 3/4", but it is so stretchy! (2" negative ease)
Modifications: I had two skeins left when I started the sleeves so they are each one skein long - about 9 inches

Shoulder Detail for Hamlin Peak Cardigan

This easy, slinky linen cardigan is truly a dream come true. I've wanted to make it ever since Amber made hers at least three years ago. I even thought its size was perfect! I really wanted a Hamlin Peak in black, though.  Thank you, Quince and Co. for Kestrel in Ash!. It's a warm black that is not too dark. Plus when everyone was working on their inky summer sweaters, the thought of finally making my dream sweater was irresistible.

Tornado Twirls on Hamlin Peak edging

This was such an easy knit. Top down, increase at center for maximum swirlage, sleeves and done! I knit super loosely so I got gauge on size 7 needles. Plus, it only took a week to finish once I remained faithful to knitting it. 

Miranda's Hamlin Peak

The color combined with the center detail makes me feel like a swirly little tornado! 

Opened up Hamlin Peak Edge

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  • Jun 05, 2017

    Hello Jaime,
    Thanks for reading! Here is what Miranda has to say about her dress:
    “It’s a chambray dress from Modcloth years ago – the huge pin tucks have a great texture. The Sylvie Dress by Christine Haynes would be pretty close!”

    Happy knitting/sewing!

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Jun 02, 2017

    Super cute! I was thinking of making the Hamlin in the Kestrel too, and I am also wondering: is your dress handmade? If so, what is the pattern? I love them both!!

    — Jaime

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