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Lauren's Woven Ikat Inari

I've been going Inari crazy this summer! So far, I've made 2 tees and 1 dress. I love this pattern so much. The boxy cropped shape is everything I always dream of in a garment. Once you realize how quickly it all comes together, you're bound to be hooked as well. 

Ikat Woven Inari Dress

Pattern: Inari Pattern by Named Clothing
Size Made: 2
Materials: 1.5 yards of Ikat Zig Zag
Modifications: Added 2" to the length of the dress

Lauren Wright Inari Tee Dress

Originally, I bought this fabric to make curtains out of. I loved it so much I decided to use it as a dress so I could fully appreciate it. I'm so glad that I did! The ikat lends itself well to the weight and drape for the Inari. I couldn't have asked for a better fabric choice as we transition into fall. It's light enough for summer but heavy enough to pair well with boots and tights. 

Lauren watering the plants in her Inari Tee Dress by Named Clothing

I made my cropped Inari tees first before trying the dress. Each variation comes together surprisingly fast, especially by the third one! The one difference with my dress is that I serged all the seams of the ikat after sewing each piece together. Since it is a woven, it can fray easily on the ends if left unattended. 

Named Clothing Inari Dress

I'm sure this isn't my last Inari dress. It's such a great basic! I could fill my whole closet full of them. I think this is a great pattern for beginners and experienced sewers alike! I can't wait to wear this dress for years to come.

Ikat Woven Inari Dress

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