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Lauren's Tukuwool and Honey

Earlier this year I achieved a long time dream of mine to become a beekeeper. I can talk for hours about honey bees and how they are one of the most amazing things on the planet, but most people don't have that kind of time, so I decided this sweater would be the perfect way to let people know my true feelings. Wool and Honey is the perfect combination of two of my most favorite things in the world: wool and bees. 

Lauren's yellow-green Tukuwool Wool and Honey Sweater

Pattern: Wool and Honey Sweater by Andrea Mowry
Materials: 6 skeins of Tukuwool Fingering in Selja H23
Size Made: XS

Andrea Mowry's Wool and Honey Sweater

By now, it's no secret that I love anything Andrea Mowry creates. I have made more of her patterns than any other designer. She always manages to come up with something timeless and modern at the same time that I inevitably fall in love with. I am going to have a hard time playing it cool when she visits Fancy Tiger in a few months! Ok... enough fan-girling and more sweater talk! 

Bees and Wool- Detail shot of bees and detail shot of tukuwool

I always thought Brooklyn Tweed would reign supreme in my heart but now there is some stiff competition. Tukuwool is made from Finnish wool which makes it strong and warm - perfect for sweaters! I literally got this yarn the day it arrived and Fancy Tiger and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. The colors are so amazing you might need a sweater in each one! 

Lauren in her garden wearing her Wool and Honey Sweater

Wool and Honey is a super straightforward pattern. The honeycomb design is made with a series of yarn overs and slipped stitches that only looks difficult. I love a cropped sweater and it pairs perfectly with my favorite pair of high waisted jeans. If you like a longer look it's super easy to make it any length you choose. The Tukuwool holds up well with the design and the slight wooly halo it gives off is a dream. 

Lauren giving her bees water

Wool and Honey might be one of my favorite things I've ever made. I couldn't believe there was a project that so accurately captured two of my biggest hobbies. It was definitely crafty fate and I'm so thrilled to add this sweater to my collection.

Lauren with her bee hive 

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