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Lauren's Beetlejuice Bag

I have to start this post by saying I am OBSESSED with the Fremont Tote! It is amazing, stylish, simple to sew, and basically all of the things you want in a sewing project. I have gotten so many compliments (and requests from friends) about this bag since I finished it and I am so excited to carry it with me on all my daily adventures. 

Klum House Waxed Canvas Fremont Tote

Pattern: Fremont Tote by Klum House
Materials: Waxed Army Duck Cloth: 1/2 yard  in Burgundy & 1/3 yard in Black, 1/2 yard of Canvas Natural Stripes in Black, 1 Fremont Tote Finishing Kit in Black

Lauren Wright's Klum House Fremont Tote

Usually, I'm not a huge purse person (or purse-on haha!) but I couldn't stop dreaming about the Fremont Tote once we got the pattern at Fancy Tiger. The simple pockets and shape make this bag look minimal and modern in all the best ways. I fell in love with the burgundy waxed canvas online after seeing it used for other projects from Klum House. I refused to settle for anything less and to my surprise, we started carrying it in store a few weeks later! It was simply meant to be. 

Klum House Fremont Tote

The construction is straightforward and simple - especially if you have experience installing a zipper already. I think I only spent about 3 hours on this bag from start to finish. I had no problems sewing through the waxed canvas on my sewing machine with a universal needle. The duck cloth is great to work with and offers a nice structure without needing any interfacing. I used a canvas on the inside of my bag for extra support - and also because I love a good Beetlejuice vibe. 

Fremont Tote Lining

I decided to pick up one of the finishing kits instead of searching around for my own supplies and I'm so glad I did! It makes the whole process so simple and all the detailed leather cutting is already done for you. I really think the finishing kit is the thing that gives such a cohesive and finished look to the tote. Everything is ready and waiting at your fingertips!

Fremont Tote Finishing Kit

I have been carrying this bag nonstop since I finished it and it is truly one of my favorite things I've sewn. It's the perfect size for everyday purse items, but you can also fit a knitting project in there in a pinch. What more could you ask for?

Lauren Wright's Beetlejuice Fremont tote

Ellie Lum, the designer behind the Fremont Tote, will be here in October teaching a Fremont Tote Workshop. There is still space available, sign up now

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