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Kaylee's Willet Bobbie

I have never had much interest in knitting garments with cotton yarn until Quince & Co. released Pam Allen’s Bobbie pattern earlier this summer. I fell instantly in love with the loose fitting boxy shape, delicate 4x1 stripe pattern, and casual drapey fabric. I cast on the sweater the same week the pattern was released!

Quince & Co. Bobbie in Willet

Pattern: Bobbie by Pam Allen from the Willet 2017 Collection
Materials: Quince & Co. Willet - 7 skeins in Dory, 2 skiers in Oar (available in-store)
Modifications: None
Size Made: 50 3/4”

Bobbie Sweater Neckline

Willet is a beautiful yarn! Soft and easy on the hands while you are working with it, plus it knits up into a to the most velvety fabric you will want draped all over your body. I’m bummed I wasted so much time not knitting with this exceptional yarn because of a preconceived idea of what I thought it would be like to knit with it. I am the happiest Willet convert and will sing its praises from all the rooftops!

Quince and Co. Willet color options and sweater swatch

The color pallet that Quince & Co. put together for this yarn is incredible! I had a really difficult time deciding which colors to use for my Bobbie and went through several options before landing on Dory as my main color and Oar for my contrasting stripe. I even played around with a 2x4 strip instead of the 1x4 that the pattern recommends, but in the end, the more delicate single stitch stripe is what drew me to the pattern and what I ended up going with.

Willet Bobbie

I can’t say enough good things about Pam Allen patterns. They have a beautiful, simple style that I love and the instructions are always easy to follow, simple to execute, and the finished products turn out as amazing as I pictured in my head. Bobbie was no exception! This summer alone I have knit three Pam Allen designs: Davis, Hamlin Peak and now Bobbie. If you are a new knitter thinking about trying your first sweater or if you have been knitting for years and are just looking for a great fitting, effortless garment…Pam Allen is for you!

Bobbi in Willet Dory and Oar

I decided to knit my Bobbie with a bit less positive ease than was recommended by the pattern. They suggest 11 1/4 inches of positive (as shown on the model), but mine was only around 7 1/2 inches. I thought a slightly smaller sweater would be more flattering on me. I’m really happy with the fit and am glad I didn't go any bigger.

Shoulder Seam for Pam Allen's Bobbi

I think this is my favorite hand knit sweater. All of my knit garments hold a special place in my heart, but this one just came out perfectly. The combination of fit, and color will definitely make this one of my most worn garments. Plus, the versatile fiber content of this pullover makes it so I can easily wear it in all seasons!

Comments on this post (3)

  • Aug 08, 2017

    Hey, Janice! I think this sweater could be great in wool! As long as you use something that will drape down a bunch, I think you would be really happy. If you like the smooth look of the sweater, Madelinetosh DK could be a really great option, but I also think The Fiber Co.’s Acadia would be so lovely if you wanted a slightly more textured garment.

    — Fancy Tiger Crafts

  • Aug 06, 2017

    The sweater looks great! Pam Allen is a treasure. Well done!

    — Duni

  • Aug 05, 2017

    I love this sweater in Willett and will definitely be making one or two for next summer. I wonder if this pattern could be adapted to wool in a similar weight? I like the proportions on this better than the Boxy. What do you think, having knitted this sweater? Thanks for your expertise.

    — Janice Wallace

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