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Jenn Stays Cool in Her Nova Jumpsuit

Jenn stands in front a red wall wearing her Nova Jumpsuit with her hands in the pockets

Name: Jenn 
Instagram: @knittybaker
Pattern Name and Designer: Nova Jumpsuit from True Bias
Size Made: Size 0 bust tapered to size 4 hip
Materials used: Bamboo Cotton Stretch French Terry
Modifications: I made View A but used View C’s pocket and View C’s pocket instruction. View A requires you to cover the upper edge of the pocket with the facing and sew the body and facing together with the upper edge of the pocket sandwiched in between. I tried this method with the wearable muslin that I made and it was hard to make sure that all 4 layers are even and straight. I reread the pattern for View C/D and saw that the pockets are sewn differently, in that they only have to be sewn to the body of the jumpsuit. I also just liked the shape of View C’s pockets better. 

I love wearing knits so I was interested in trying out this jumpsuit. At first I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about this pattern because I couldn't tell if I wanted to wear something that looks like a onesie! However, I decided to get it when True Bias had their annual Me Made May sale this year.Jenn stands sideways next to a red wall, she has one leg kicked out in front of her with her hands in the front of her Nova Jumpsuit pocketsI found it wasn’t too difficult to sew this jumpsuit as I have sewn a lot with knits. The part that was a bit confusing to me was the instructions for joining the main body and lining straps, and joining the front and back main body/lining strap. Fortunately, True Bias has a sew-along blog post on their website with step-by-step pictures in color, which made it easier for me to understand what to do! This is close up image of Jenn wearing her Nova jumpsuitI got this Bamboo Cotton French Terry jersey from Fancy Tiger Crafts about 5 years ago. I love this material!  It is super soft and easy to sew. A serger would be helpful as you can sew faster but it is not needed. You can sew this with any sewing machine that has a zig zag stitch. Jenn stands in front of a red wall wearing her Nova jumpsuit with her hands in her front pocketsThe Nova Jumpsuit is my 5th pattern from True Bias. I love how timeless their designs are! Their instructions are also very well written and I love the sew-along blog posts on their website. This jumpsuit fills a hole in my closet as I do not have any other jumpsuits. I have already worn it several times and I plan on wearing it everywhere: to casual lunch or dinner with friends, grocery shopping, or even just around the house! It is the ultimate secret pajama as it is so soft yet still very stylish! Jenn stands in front of a red wall, facing sideways, wearing her Nova Jumpsuit.

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