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Jaime's Pendleton Clare Coat

My first coat! I'm so proud of this make. It actually wasn't as hard as I was anticipating and it really helped to take it slow over the course of a month. Sewing with the support of other people was also very helpful in making this a painless process (no tears!). I thought the instructions were really well written and explained the techniques that were new to me thoroughly.

Jaime's Pendleton Clare Coat

Pattern: Clare Coat by Closet Case Files, View B
Size Made: 4 (I have a 33" bust)
Fabric Shell: Pendleton Forest/Charcoal Windowpane plaid (2 yards)
Lining: Cotton and Steel Solid Lawn Black Cat - 2 1/4 yd
Notions: 6 sew-on snaps, size 10, 6, 1" horn buttons
Modifications: took out bust darts, let arm seam out 1/2"

Clare Coat

I love the fabric so much. It's pretty much my dream coat. The olive green color with very subtle black windowpane plaid = ♥. I was very careful to match my plaids (using this tutorial) and I think I did a great job of this. I've said this in almost every blog post about it, but the giant collar is perfect. Not only does it look great, but I can hide my face in it when its cold so it's also super functional.

Speaking of cold weather...this coat is super warm! I've already worn it in some snow storms and was cozy. I walk to and from work everyday so it's important to have a coat that is warm in freezing temperatures and this one fits the bill. The thick Pendleton wool is a great winter jacket weight for serious winter weather.

Once I had the coat shell and lining assembled, it became clear that the sleeves were going to be too tight. I went ahead and took the top seam out of each by 1/2". This helped but its still a bit snug. It's perfect over most normal clothing, but becomes uncomfortable when I try to wear it over a sweater (and I wear a lot of sweaters). I don't think I would change the size because it fits everywhere great except the arms so I would take out another 1/2" on the bottom arm seem and/or grade arm out next time. My mod of taking out the bust darts (my go-to mod for almost all sewing projects) worked out great and the coat fits me really well in the shoulders and chest. This coat is forgiving in the hips/waist since it is an a-line shape.

There are a few things I would change if I made this coat again. First, I would choose a silkier lining fabric. The cotton (even though it is light and soft) is sticky when I put the jacket on. I was scared of sewing silk (to wool!) but I think it would be worth taking on this challenge to have the jacket glide on easier. The fit might also just feel better with a change of lining fabric.

I plan on changing out the snaps from nickel to black. I want them to look more subtle, especially when I'm wearing the coat and it isn't buttoned. This was poor planning on my part and when it was time for me to find snaps we were sold out of black. That's all! Overall it was a great first coat experience.I'm so glad we had this sewalong! It was a real confidence booster for me and my sewing. I'm excited to take on the next challenge: jeans. Stay tuned for a jeans-along this spring!

I'm so glad we had this sewalong! It was a real confidence booster for me and my sewing. I'm excited to take on the next challenge: jeans. Stay tuned for a jeans-along this spring!

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  • Oct 18, 2021

    Hi Jaime. I love your Clare coat! I just completed mine except for the closures. I was wondering if your buttons are purely decorative as I see you also have snaps? I love the look of the buttons but am reluctant to install buttonholes because of the thickness of the fabric and don’t think I want to tackle hand sewn buttonholes!

    — Debbie Hunka

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