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Golden Pineapple Lander Pants

There is hardly anything more wonderful as a maker than being able to gift the beautiful things we make to the people we love. There is something special about taking the time and using your long-honed skills to tell people you care. Let us just say, Shawna outdid herself with this special handmade gift. She whipped up these bold and fun pineapple Lander Pants for her dear friend Sara and we are all still drooling a little bit over here! Can’t we all have wonderful, crafty friends like Shawna?!

Sarah's Golden Lander Pants

Pattern: True/Bias Lander Pants
Materials: Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill in Gold, 18mm Gold Pineapple Buttons
Modifications: None
Size Made: 4

Hemline of the True Bias Lander PantsBack Pockets Lander Pants

Made from our go-to twill, Robert Kaufman Ventana, we are loving the sunny look of these pants in the brilliant golden color she chose. This stable, mid-weight twill is truly the perfect fabric for these pants. You saw Kelli’s Green Twill Landers and Caitlin’s Navy Twill Landers and now we are showing you these ones. It cannot be overstated just how perfect this fabric and pattern combo is! Also, can we just talk about how great these pants look on all different body types? We have shown you pretty much the full range of sizes and it is truly a pattern for the masses! 

Pineapple Button Detail on Sarah's Golden Lander Pants

The icing on the cake for these lovely pants? Shawna’s fun finishing details. Sara’s lovely Landers are topped with the most perfect shiny gold pineapple buttons and the pockets are lined with a lightweight royal blue lawn.

Pocket Lining on Sara's Lander Pants

Way to go, Shawna! We just know that Sarah is going wear these pants every day this fall! Stay tuned this winter for an additional Lander Pant Workshop with the designer of the Lander Pants (and our good friend) Kelli Ward!

Pocket Stitching Detail on the True Bias Lander Pants

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  • Sep 17, 2018

    Oh my goodness! These are so beautiful in every way! I love the giving of a hand sewn gift to a friend, I love the pattern, love the fabric, love the buttons, love the story of the pants, love how they look on, love the styling, love the photography! Really nice job all the way around.

    — Sally

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