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Fen Pattern: Amber's Five Fens Grand Finale

It's almost here! Fen, our newest sewing pattern, is arriving tomorrow here in the shop, as well as at some of our favorite sewing shops near you! I stitched up many-a-Fen during the planning and design of this pattern, and I'm excited to share 5 of my very favorite Fens with you.

Furniture Music Fen Tee

Pattern: Fen
Version: View A (Tee with drop hem and v-neck)
Size Made: 4
Fabric: 1 7/8 yards Furniture Music wool/modal gauze from Feral Childe
Modifications: None

The t-shirt version of Fen works really great with light-weight, drapey fabrics. Some of the early prototypes were tested in silk and voile. Once I had the pattern drafted and graded I wanted to treat myself to a special Fen for my first sample of the finalized pattern. I'm in love with this abstract print from Feral Childe on gauzy wool/modal. It seemed the perfect thing to dress up the simple shape of the Fen tee. I couldn't be happier with the result! Just one bit of advice...this super sheer wool has a mind of its own, and is super shifty. It's a bit like sewing with silk, so I recommend it for more intermediate and experienced sewists. That said, the Fen top is a really simple construction, so if you think you might be ready to take the leap to trickier fabrics, this pattern might be just the right thing.

Beach Plaid Fen Dress

Pattern: Fen
Version: View B (Dress with optional shirt-tail hem and round neck)
Size Made: 4
Fabric: 3 1/8 yards Loominous Checkmate Beach by Anna Maria Horner
Modifications: Cut the pockets on the bias just for the fun of it.

The dress version of Fen (View B) works great in an array of different fabrics, but some of my absolute favorites are the plaids in Anna Maria Horner's Loominous collection. These yarn-dyed fabrics are quilting weight, but just a touch drapier than your typical quilting weight fabric. For this Fen, I used the optional shirt-tail hem. The pattern includes the hem variation, which can be switched out on both the tee and the dress version of Fen. Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? I loved those as a kid and perhaps they influenced this pattern a little bit. But I promise, no matter what adventure you choose with the Fen, nothing bad will happen, only good and adorable things!

The Fen dress has the best pockets! I love pockets. The idea behind this dress is a flattering and comfortable dress that you can do things in, like gardening or running errands. These pockets can hold your smartphone or a handful of cherry tomatoes, no problem!

Mesa Canvas Fen Dress

Pattern: Fen
Version: View B (Dress with drop hem, round neck and optional sleeve)
Size Made: 4
Fabric: 3 1/4 yards Canvastile Aqua Linen/Cotton Home Dec from Alexia Abegg for Cotton + Steel
Modifications: 1 1/2" shorter length

Speaking of choosing your own Fen adventure..Fen-venture, the pattern comes with an optional long sleeve. The sleeve, like the hem variation, can also be added to either version, the tee or the dress! For this sample, I tested the sleeve on this heavier linen/cotton from Cotton + Steel. The long sleeve is great for Fall Fens. This dress was made during the testing phase and ended up with a slightly shorter skirt length, but I think it looks great with the long sleeves, and it is a favorite of mine. I'll be wearing this heavier version of the Fen dress with leggings this Fall. This fabric from Alexia Abegg's Mesa collection has the best coppery metallic print on it, and the large-scale print looks great on the Fen.

Tunic-ified Fen Dress

Pattern: Fen
Version: View B (Dress with optional shirt-tail hem, round neck and optional sleeve)
Size Made: 4
Fabric: 2 3/4 yards Comet Hemp/Cotton Muslin Shirting
Modifications: I made a tunic version by shortening skirt by 8"

To continue my Fen-venture, I decided to make a tunic variation of the dress. I'm kinda loving this one because it means I get to have both my favorite pockets AND wear my favorite jeans. The added optional long sleeves mean I'll be wearing this as cooler weather sets in. It will go perfectly with hand-knit shawls and fall jackets!

Indigo Ticking Fen Dress

Pattern: Fen
Version: View B (Dress with drop hem and round neck)
Size Made: 4
Fabric: 2 3/4 yards Denim Stripe cotton
Modifications: None

Finally, one last Fen. This little Fen is the dress I want to wear every day. Stitched up in a simple indigo ticking, this dress will be worn year round--with sandals in the summer, with boots and tights in fall, and with wooly leggings and cardigans in winter.

I hope you enjoy Fen as much as we have! I can't wait to see how you make this pattern your own. Check back tomorrow when the Fen pattern will be available her as well as in shops all over! Happy Fen-venturing.

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  • Feb 16, 2023

    Hi Krupa, The name of the Pattern is Fen & you can find it here on our site as it’s one of our patterns :)
    Furniture Music was just the wool/modal gauze fabric from Feral Childe that Amber used. Hope that helps!

    — Danielle

  • Feb 16, 2023

    I love this look, I recently got some Loominous fabric and would like to make the dress, where is the pattern from. I can’t seem to find Furniture Music Fen Tee pattern online?

    — Krupa

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