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Dorian's Limonata Top

Name: Dorian
Instagram: @dorianowen
Pattern made: Limonata Top by Ana D from PomPom Quarterly
Size Made: 2
Materials used: Kelbourne Woolens Mojave in Coral 883 and Flamingo Pink 669 
Modifications: I added another round to the body to make it longer as I have a slightly longer torso than average.

I saw the photo on the front of PomPom 45 and it looked so fun and summer-y, I had to make it. 

I knew how to start a crochet circle with the magic ring before starting this project, but now I'm an expert. Each motif is worked separately and joined as you go. The ends are woven in after each motif, so finishing is a breeze. I did struggle with understanding the instructions for the under-arm motifs.

I realized I was over-thinking it and decided to trust the pattern and push forward. It turned out great in the end. The half-motifs in the neckline and sleeves were also a little challenging, but after doing a couple it became clear. 

I really like the linen/cotton blend of Mojave. It's easy to work with and comes in a ton of amazing colors. I don't usually lean toward pink, but I really like the combination of the pink and coral I chose.

I have crocheted a lot of wool sweaters and tops which are great for the cooler months. I look forward to having a lighter cotton top to wear during the summer.
I would recommend this pattern for the intermediate crocheter. The construction can be fairly straightforward, but the magic ring technique is tricky to get started.


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