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Christina's Cozy Jacquard Hosta

Christina has short blonde hair and round black glasses. She is wearing a cream colored cropped cotton jacquard sweater with green pants and brown boots and standing in front of a red brick wall
Instagram: @darling_ruth
Modifications The only modifications I made were to omit cutting the neck, cuff, and bottom bands, because I used the Rib Trim

I was interested in making the Hosta out of the Merchant & Mills Jacquard Cotton because I've made several Hostas in the past and LOVE them! They are my "go-to" sweatshirt in the cooler months. I'd been eyeing the Jacquard Cotton for a while, because I made a top out of it years ago and wanted another. The Rib Trim was also calling my name and the Hosta seemed like a perfect pattern to use. Since I have made so many Hostas in the past, this was a cake walk. Especially because I used the Rib Trim, so I didn't have to cut out any bands. I just referred to the pattern for cutting the Rib Trim to the lengths I needed. 
I think people are often intimidated to work with the Jacquard Cotton, but honestly, it's really easy to work with and you can definitely wash and then hang it to dry. But, because this fabric frays a lot, make sure to serge or zig zag the cut edge before washing. Also after cutting your pattern pieces out, serge or zig zag each raw edge before starting to sew.

I love pretty much anything by Merchant & Mills, especially their fabrics and pattern silhouettes, so I'm thrilled to have a new piece to add to my wardrobe! I think this pattern and fabric would be a great addition to anyone's handmade garments. You don't need any special equipment to make this top. A serger comes in handy, but you can definitely make it on a regular sewing machine. Since the trim is more narrow than the bands on the pattern, you lose a little length in the sleeve and bottom.  The only piece of advice I would give is that if you don't want this top to be cropped, add a few inches to the body before adding the Rib Trim.

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