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Brooklyn Tweed's New Yarn, Arbor is Here!

Today Brooklyn Tweed is adding a new yarn to their fleet of incredible yarns, Arbor. This worsted-spun 3-ply DK knits up to a denser and more sturdy fabric than you might be used to with other Brooklyn Tweed yarns. Jennifer was lucky enough to get  chance to work with it before the rest of us! She knit up the beautiful, unisex Burnaby hat by Jared Flood. Originally designed for Quarry and adapted for Arbor, this pattern looks great in all weights.

Woman wearing Burnaby hat in Brooklyn Tweed's, Arbor

Pattern: Burnaby by Jared Flood
Materials: 1 skein of Arbor by Brooklyn Tweed in Tincture
Modifications: none

Back of Burnaby Hat made from Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor

Getting my hands on Brooklyn Tweed’s new line, Arbor, was perhaps one of the happiest moments of my life. BT’s yarn is synonymous with texture and cables. Arbor surpasses what we’ve known Brooklyn Tweed to be. Arbor adds a smooth springiness to the rustic uniqueness associated with Shelter, Loft and Quarry. It’s new, yet familiar.

5 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed's Arbor

The Burnaby hat’s texture and cables allow Arbor to show off its perfect stitch definition. Even in stockinette this yarn’s interesting and textured character shines. Once blocked, the fabric plumes making it even softer. It’s a good thing Arbor is also sturdy, because it’s likely we’ll all want to wear it every day. (And will want one of everything in every color!)

Woman wearing Burnaby hat in Brooklyn Tweed's, Arbor

This hat is perfect as is. It’s knits up fast and with no fuss. Depending on your own personal flavor the Burnaby pattern can easily be made a repeat or two taller to give it even more slouch. This modification is also the perfect excuse to buy more of it (not that you'll need an excuse). This pattern and yarn are clearly best friends. I can’t wait to see all the delicious new patterns Jared Flood and the gang are going to roll out to show off Arbor.

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  • Oct 20, 2016

    A gorgeous hat on a beautiful model. Love all of the colors the yarn comes in, too!!!

    — Nancy Regner

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