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Bethany's Ridge Tank

Bethany stands in front of a brown garage door with a hand knit mustard yellow tank top and a light weight denim jacket

Instagram: @the.creative.b
Pattern madeRidge Tank by Bluebird Pine Shop
Size made: XS (fit like a size medium due to gauge)
Materials used: Alba 100% Organic cotton in 27 Mustard
Modifications: This pattern calls for fingering yarn however the yarn I used is sport weight. Based off my gauge, I decided to knit an XS so that it would fit similar to a size medium

I had been on the hunt for the perfect tank pattern, I wanted something that had a little more flair to it than just stockinette stitch but something that I could still knit while I was watching t.v or listening to a podcast. When Bluebird Pine Shop started promoting this pattern, I knew I had found the one! I've knitted a few patterns from Bluebird Pine Shop, including this knit and embroidered top [BLOG POST], so I was excited to have found another of her that I liked. I loved the boxy and slightly cropped fit of this tank and the ridge pattern really made this tank shine! Plus, I found the i-cord finishing completed the overall clean and unique look of this tank!

Around the time this pattern was released, we got the Alba yarn in store. I'm super picky and sensitive to certain fiber textures so I tend to gravitate towards cotton yarns as I find them softer and more pleasant against my skin. Plus, since this is more of a summer garment, I thought cotton would help make this tank feel extra cool and breezy! While the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, Alba is a sport weight yarn, however I decided to take a chance and still go with Alba! Unsurprisingly my gauge was pretty off however @dosoknits, was able to help calculate that I could knit a xs in order for the tank to fit my normal size medium. The tank ended up fitting perfectly by me knitting two sizes down! In order to create the unique ridge pattern, you follow a simple knit purl pattern that is very easy to remember but not as mind numbing as just knitting stockinette can be.  I had never done an i-cord bind off before so I was a little nervous to try it for the first time. Luckily, I was delighted at how easy it was and I absolutely love the look of it! 

Bethany stands in front of a brown garage door with a hand knit mustard yellow tank top

The Alba yarn knitted up beautifully! I loved the fabric texture it created, unlike some other cotton yarns it wasn't stiff at all and the tank top is super breezy and flowely. It's already on my to-do list to knit up another Ridge Tank next spring, however next time I will definitely be using a fingering yarn like the pattern suggests. I'm thinking of using Retrosaria's Mondim, BC Garn Bio Balance, or Salty Blonde Fiber Fingering Yarn, to knit my next Ridge Tank!

Bethany stands facing a brown garage door with a hand knit mustard yellow tank top

This tank will definitely be a closet staple for me next summer! I found that I don't have many tanks in my summer wardrobe so I'm thrilled to have this on hand in the coming summers.  Because it calls for fingering weight yarn, I think you could definitely use wool yarn and still stay pretty cool during hot days. I also think you could wear this garment during multiple seasons as it's also a great layering piece! It's perfect for those fall and spring days where it's chilly in the mornings and evenings but still gets quite hot during the day. Just throw your favorite jacket or cardigan over this and you'll be ready prepared for those multi-temperature days!

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