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Bethany's Knit and Embroidered Top

Instagram Handle: @the.creative.b
Pattern Name and Designer: Tulip Tee Sweater, BlueBird Pine Shop
Size Made: Medium
Materials used (fabric, notions, kits, etc.) : Wool and the Gang Billie Jean Yarn, US 8 (5mm) circular knitting needles (at least 24”), stitch markers, darning needle, scissors, measuring tape, 4 contrasting colors of Embroidery floss (Presencia Finca Mouline Embroidery Floss, colors 8140, 1040 7813 for the flowers and 5151 for the stem).
Modifications: I picked up 10 stitches instead of 6 along the underarm when working both sleeves and did 4 rounds of ribbing for the sleeves and collar instead of 3. Additionally, I decided to crop my tee so that it measures 15 inches from the back cast on edge instead of 18 inches. Finally, I decided to use three different contrasting embroidery floss colors for the flowers and did a daisy stitch instead of a tulip stitch as I liked the look better.

When this pattern was first released, what really stood out to me was the embroidery that is added to front of the tee. This accent really makes this garment stand apart from other knitted tees and I love when two different fiber crafts are blended in one garment! I also loved that this top is knitted from the top down as I find that garments that are knitted this way are easier to modify. This a fun and easy knitting project that is perfect for a moderate to advanced beginner who wants to get more comfortable knitting in the round and using raglan increase stitches.  I was most nervous about the embroidery aspects of this garment as I had never done any embroidery before. Luckily, I found the embroidery easy to figure out and super fun to do! The designer provides clear instructions and reference pictures which made it easier to learn how to do the embroidery.

I’ve always admired embroidery; I think it’s a beautiful craft and something I’ve always had an inkling to try out myself. Embroidery flowers have also become very trendy to include on clothes and accessories and this top definitely reminds me of the Cottagecore aesthetic with the loose-fitting look of the tee and flower accents!

I loved using the Billy Jean yarn. Recently I’ve been gravitating towards cotton or cotton blended yarn. Also, for those concerned with environmental issues and fashion waste, this yarn is made from upcycled denim off-cuts The Billy Jean yarn is a great option for anyone looking to expand their summer knits collection!


Although I’ve been knitting for over six-year now, my closet  seriously lacks knit garments appropriate for the warmer weather. I tried working on a couple summer knit garments in the past but somehow, I only have one completed top to show for! To this end, I wanted to use a cotton yarn for this project so I could wear this top during the spring and summer! The tulip embroidery also makes it feel like it’s meant to be worn on a nice spring day!

 I have been a fan of Bluebird Pine Shop’s patterns for a long a time. I knitted my first cardigan utilizing one of their patterns and I was fortunate enough to be chosen to test knit two of her new patterns during 2021! Her patterns are always super easy and clear to read. They are really beginner friendly because she always provides links to “How to” videos and includes photo references in her patterns. I think this garment is extremely versatile! It could be dressed up to be worn at a more traditional workplace or dressed down to be worn more casually.  Additionally, you can choose to not do the embroidery flowers if that’s not your vibe! The fact that it’s easy to adjust the length of the tee makes it adaptable to different body types. For me, I knew before I started that I wanted to make a cropped version of this tee as find this length more flattering on my body top. I envision wearing this top with a pair of breezy pants or shorts or as a layering piece to throw under a pair of overalls or over a summer dress!

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  • Aug 03, 2022

    Thanks for sharing your spring/ summer top and all the helpful tips on how your customized it!
    It ’s fun to follow your choice- making. Keep up the creative work!

    — June Wright

  • Jul 07, 2022

    Super cute and so glad to have found your insta account!

    — Christy

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