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Alex's Tabara N’Diaye Rope Bag

Navy blue rope bowl and navy sun hat sitting on a birch bench with black iron sides.  One top of the bench is a sheepskin fur with the rope bowl and hat sitting on top.

Pattern: Rope Bag from Tabara N’Diaye book Baskets
Material: 5mm cotton rope from Modern Macrame
Size Made: one size
Modifications: none - Would make an adjustment for the next one, read below.

A coworker and I were browsing the book “Baskets” by Tabara N’Diaye and when we thumbed past this project I dreamt of warmer days and knew I had to make it.

Lady holding up rope bowl bag looking through the handles.  Women is wearing a navy hat with a navy and white striped pattern sundress.  Background is driveway with evergreen trees and summer sun shining.

While not a "complex" project it was still one that I knew would be a challenge as it was different than anything I'd done before. After eavesdropping on a few of Tiffani’s sewn rope bowl classes, I figured I had the tips and tricks necessary to make this project a success (I still highly recommend taking her class when the opportunity presents itself!). The first step was playing with the controls on my home sewing machine, setting the width of the stitch to hit both ropes and the tension to hold everything taught.

Navy rope bowl with women holding it to her side wearing a navy and white striped sundress.  Photograph is cropped to showcase the bag.

After that things were smooth sailing and I couldn’t be more in love with sewn rope projects. This was made with 5mm cotton rope from Modern Macrame, but now I have my eyes on the 5mm recycled cotton rope from Ganxxet in all of their tasty colors. The only adjustment I see myself making going forward is modifying the opening of the bag to allow for bigger items such as beach towels, sunscreen, and a current poolside read.

Photograph is taking looking down at the opening of a navy rope bag with a peach silk scarf tied a the top.  The background is a soft off white fur sheepskin.

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